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To live in fear

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We are in a state of war, and the old guard cannot tolerate dissent, for them it is like treason. Although the internet is rapidly altering parameters with the spread of conspiracy sites.


As much as conspiracy theorists are sidelined as the lunatic fringe, the sad truth remains that many if not most criminal prosecutions are based on Conspiracy, furthermore often in these cases no material evidence is required.


Is it any surprise that following a regime change prisoners are often released under an amnesty. Basically for those that cross the red line they are put away as a means of silencing them. Trumped up charges etc.


.Which leaves me in a state of fear. Having had my Drivers license stolen out of my hands while volunteering it to a foreign Embassy, having discovered 12 points on my license from many years ago, even though I never once went to court, although someone did in my name. I even wrote a letter to complain, to which I received a reply that I did appear in court, and obviously their inquiries produced the witnesses required, from the police to people who knew me. And the people had to be Goys, that is the whole point that needs to be proved. Don’t misinterpret this – it is an insight into the shepherding of the ruling elite.

I anyway was informed that if I continued to contest it, then some false crime from abroad would appear on my lap. Being informed is always by innuendo, generally from someone unknown to you.


Now, I have had to create a bank account in order to get paid, and although, at all times I have been promised a cheque, it has yet to appear. Such is the micromanagement of a dissenter that ‘circumstances’ continually get in the way. Someone is away etc. Now Banks are really the main artery through to the ruling elite, as much as we hear about the government’s taxes, far more important are the financial institutions, I have little doubt that all sorts of shady transactions are being siphoned through my account.


If in some way I thought that the threats were over I would leave it all as being a bad chapter. But the likelihood of me being charged at some future date, with a collective history of false crimes committed are looking more and more likely.


And in the swamp of Western rule, the police are useless, there is absolutely no rule of law, nor are they furnished with much ability.


Is it any surprise that no one any longer trusts the banks? That they rake in fortunes in bonuses? While framing someone might take some coercion and forethought, when it comes to bank employees it is simply a normal days work.


We are reaching the pinnacle of corporate power, gone are civil rights, we have some consumer rights and there it stops. Now corporations patent life forms (as in Monsanto), they finance candidates and they provide mercenary armies.


It will be interesting to remain alive and free to see the years ahead, as the last vestiges of Human dignity are washed away. And paper money takes on the role of a deity.


Fear is all there is, micro and macro: Swine Flu, Crotch bomber, Global warming, etc etc.


ps. Well i Have to add that I have just been informed of a cheque waiting for me (an hour after posting this) – had been afraid of a bank transfer, and anyway it would be tedious to go through all the shady details. Starting with signing a blank form at the bank ….

Written by morris

February 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Posted in Dissent, Harrassment

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  1. Fear is not real, fear is a focus of something that has not happened yet!!! CHOOSE to leave fear behind!!
    Stamp your feet and kick up a fuss… WE WILL WIN in the end.
    The ‘conspiracy theories are there because many of them are real.
    Watch this if you have not already… http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5001897/13308053

    four parts to watch…WORTH WATCHING!!!
    There is also the Freedom Movie 2.. thats shorter and tells you what you can do about things!!
    But watch the first one… your not alone..
    Stand up for what you believe in!! Stand up for what is yours!!


    February 21, 2010 at 12:34 pm

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