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Who can you get in trouble with?

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There is the police, the cults, the intelligence etc.

One can get in so much trouble that your life is taken over. From your family, your sperm to your ID, everything is taken from you, you become a non person. As much as you fight for independence – is as much as it is all in vain.

Spiking, stealing, and more – we’re talking 24/7 – The police the criminals the intelligence all spoken for, and you’re always seen next to one of them. Drip fed with money till you realize you are a non person till you sing someone else’s song. Everyone is corruptible that is the joy of holding the purse strings.

All friendships are sabotaged till you champion the ruling order, their genocidal wars and supremacy, anything but the truth. The truth is the enemy.

My name is entropy – the enemy of the slave drivers.

Got a job, had to get a bank account, need two pieces of ID. I only got one, they stole the other, nevermind, have to sign an empty form at the bank, they supply the other ID, which proves all my accusations of them stealing it are false.

I could end up in court – charged with anything anywhere, there’s already been 12 years of harassment, of me being seen with every criminal and deviant in town, wherever I go in the world. They are masters at making things seem as they are not.

It’s the department of harassment and punishment – at least tens of thousands of employees – the shadow government – the way all our leader’s lives are ruled. No one can step out of line.

It’s a vendetta – and the vendetta squad is in full force, big and small objectives, wars and individuals. On second thoughts they are entropy, they are bringing the world to its knees, they know not of spirit, they are fundamentalists, lost in admiration for past masters and past poets, and they adopt them as ancestors.

If the truth of our life on this planet were ever exposed, the way it is run, by a shadowy group, everyone would cry in despair. Would they revolt? No. And that is why end times are knocking on our door.

Japan wants the US troops out. Toyota gets hammered. An American General says he is gonna alter the ecosystem in Afghanistan, sounds like poisoning the air or atmosphere. It’s all the same brains behind the big wars and the persecution of non sheeple. But they still haven’t established Gay parties in American embassies in Tehran, Gaza, Kabul or Damascus. Yet they are about to start a Fallujah style massacre in Afghanistan, another feather in their journey.

Crime and debauching a character is the only currency left for our masters. They have even killed capitalism.

There’s a chance I’ll get through it all, and I won’t get charged – I’ll sing their song, and tell you about being a Jew and how marvellous my ancestors were.

It’ll be like the Hashishans in reverse, I’ll be showered in Ecstasy (not the drug).

Or maybe Mohamed will come back? And we will learn the way of the Muslims. Or we become productive again? Actually Jesus would also be okay. But the Tuarean age is out of sync. I am sorry but the old testament is from the Tuarean age, that is a fact. Or we’ll wake up to a world without religion yet still embody some values of truth.

Written by morris

February 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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