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Who likes Jewish rule?

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Criminals and Gays – To them Judaica is tolerant, consequently they have risen to the top.

It seems too late to change anything, there is no hope. at this late stage, of anyone putting their house in order.

We get bankrupted and Israel goes farther to the right. Better sit back and watch it come undone, from either side of the same coin: sovereign debt defaults or through genocidal wars.

Yet we are all obliged to be seen to rejoice in same sex relationships, to be seen to promote it by not displaying any aversion. And everyone is terrified of saying anything against our ruling lieutenants.

All our institutions are now heavily run by homosexuals. If I were not obliged to be seen to be rejoicing with them every day, I might not write about it. But, alas, I crossed the Jews, and we all know their punishment lasts forever.

The Golem is out, there is no putting it back, Your children will be taught about Gays, and we will wage wars against all those who disapprove of homosexuality.

They never tell us that on the nightly news – then again maybe they do – subliminally.

Gaza gets aid from Gay charities, it is a marvelous ploy, except now we are all in Gaza.

The parallels between Jewish requirements and the Gay requirements is outstanding, both of them require any freethinker to be seen to be promoting their cause.

If you want to make a living, you better wave a Gay or Jewish flag. And if you won’t – you will be made to be seen to be doing so.

The reality on the ground probably has nothing to do with the Jewish religion – clearly things have gone out of control.

Written by morris

February 27, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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Are Israelis about to become fodder too?

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Whether you’ve been to Israel or not, it is obvious it is a time for soul searching, the crises don’t stop.

Jewish concerns are so often fiscal, monetary or otherwise known as Fiat money. Can we continue to selectively pick holes in this or that policy, or can we say that all the ills we are facing and witnessing are related to our monetary system?

The only people with influence are those with money, and who are these people? And what are they doing?

From devience to drug trade, from assassinations to war crimes, from vote rigging to organ harvesting, from framing to spinning to identity theft.

To tackle our ills we need to tackle speculation, it is the wealth of the speculators that is encouraging all things evil. To make money people deal in contraband, from children to drugs. The news is full of it. And even the legal ways of debasing humanity: Alcohol and Pornography.

We all get lured into self interest by a carrot (wad of money) on a string. With this awareness our oligarchies rule. From an atheist point of view it seems to me that only Islam has the solutions. Which is a humorous contradiction, but we have fallen so deep into the worst excesses of history that only something rigorous can save us. I am only grasping Islam in a rational manner; no speculation or alcohol etc.


Another bone to pick is the Jewish adoration of women, do not misunderstand me, and please read on, it would be more true to say that all of the worlds problems are due to males, nevertheless when it comes to allowing women to decide societal issues, they must have, at least in the back of their minds, the feeling that if they are getting screwed then why shouldn’t men.

It is not for me to deliberate on what women should do, the issue of abortion I am afraid is a womans issue, not mine. Whether consciously or not, our whole environment is being flooded with the female hormone Estrogen, mostly from the birth pill, but also from Soya and many other products. Record numbers of men are having breast growths surgically removed. I am certain this is often due to spiking. God knows what regulations are available regarding the breast enhancing drugs, and indeed if the regulations would matter. We are witnessing the rise of the effeminite male, one that is licensed to display lust towards other males. And all hidden by such expressions as “freedom to choose”. And the gay community has risen to become all powerful throughout the Anglo Saxon Governments. Unleashing their financial and military might against any country pursuing heterosexuality as a goal. This is easily observable in international politics, from India to Uganda and the Islamic world

By the way, women are great, but I am not a fundamentalist. I do not think every decision by every mother on the planet is correct. The fundamentalist cannot see circumstances.

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Written by morris

February 21, 2010 at 2:17 pm

To live in fear

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We are in a state of war, and the old guard cannot tolerate dissent, for them it is like treason. Although the internet is rapidly altering parameters with the spread of conspiracy sites.


As much as conspiracy theorists are sidelined as the lunatic fringe, the sad truth remains that many if not most criminal prosecutions are based on Conspiracy, furthermore often in these cases no material evidence is required.


Is it any surprise that following a regime change prisoners are often released under an amnesty. Basically for those that cross the red line they are put away as a means of silencing them. Trumped up charges etc.


.Which leaves me in a state of fear. Having had my Drivers license stolen out of my hands while volunteering it to a foreign Embassy, having discovered 12 points on my license from many years ago, even though I never once went to court, although someone did in my name. I even wrote a letter to complain, to which I received a reply that I did appear in court, and obviously their inquiries produced the witnesses required, from the police to people who knew me. And the people had to be Goys, that is the whole point that needs to be proved. Don’t misinterpret this – it is an insight into the shepherding of the ruling elite.

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Written by morris

February 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm

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The Iron Fist of Zionism

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So many people involved, and doing their best to conquer, to extinguish opposition, to ingratiate others and to enrich themselves and their superiors.

Each person a cog of a bigger mechanism, commonly referred to as a pyramid.


There are a few detractors, individuals who say they don’t want to participate in dominating non Jews. Imagine the apparatus in use to silence and defame them. First of all the detractor needs to be made an example of to all others, lest the idea of being a living organism free to be curious, and free to allow synchronicity, and free to identify with others regardless of their nationality should take hold.


The apparatus reveals its power, it is international, and for every dirty deed done, there needs to be a cover up. Such is the convoluted nature of Jewish rule. No individual can be seen to display original thought. All endeavours are for the tribe, the state, the family, while these attributes may sound reasonable, it is worth realizing they are the tenets of Scientology. Scientologists (I have been told) also believe we are a combination of animal and an alien. I don’t find that impossible to believe. The Bible uses the word Elohim which means Gods, not the singular God but the plural Gods.

Genesis 6 indicates that the “sons of Gods” (B’nai Elohim) took wives of the “daughters of men,” which gave birth to the “Nephilim.”

Quote from the web


Not only are many waiting for the return of the Elohim or the Nephilim, but almost all religions refer to an expected return of a Jesus type saviour, the Shias: a Mahdi, also the Zoroastrians, the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. Even the American Indians were waiting for a fair skinned saviour, whom they assumed the Conquistadors were.


Back to the thread – “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” – clearly in the dark recesses of our shadowy ruling elite, they know of secrets we are generally oblivious too. Such a reality really could explain their unilateral behaviour in waging wars and stealing from the poor. From Freemasonry to priesthoods there are secret societies. Their secret knowledge of our origins would explain the contempt we are treated with. And also ‘as above, so below’ lends itself to a trickle down modus operandis, resulting in everyone smothered in secrets and secret goals.


We, the plebs and sheeple are kept in the dark, and so with the media embarked on dumbing us down, and insuring we stand on false pillars we are infinitely manipulated.

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Written by morris

February 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Who can you get in trouble with?

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There is the police, the cults, the intelligence etc.

One can get in so much trouble that your life is taken over. From your family, your sperm to your ID, everything is taken from you, you become a non person. As much as you fight for independence – is as much as it is all in vain.

Spiking, stealing, and more – we’re talking 24/7 – The police the criminals the intelligence all spoken for, and you’re always seen next to one of them. Drip fed with money till you realize you are a non person till you sing someone else’s song. Everyone is corruptible that is the joy of holding the purse strings.

All friendships are sabotaged till you champion the ruling order, their genocidal wars and supremacy, anything but the truth. The truth is the enemy.

My name is entropy – the enemy of the slave drivers.

Got a job, had to get a bank account, need two pieces of ID. I only got one, they stole the other, nevermind, have to sign an empty form at the bank, they supply the other ID, which proves all my accusations of them stealing it are false.

I could end up in court – charged with anything anywhere, there’s already been 12 years of harassment, of me being seen with every criminal and deviant in town, wherever I go in the world. They are masters at making things seem as they are not.

It’s the department of harassment and punishment – at least tens of thousands of employees – the shadow government – the way all our leader’s lives are ruled. No one can step out of line.

It’s a vendetta – and the vendetta squad is in full force, big and small objectives, wars and individuals. On second thoughts they are entropy, they are bringing the world to its knees, they know not of spirit, they are fundamentalists, lost in admiration for past masters and past poets, and they adopt them as ancestors.

If the truth of our life on this planet were ever exposed, the way it is run, by a shadowy group, everyone would cry in despair. Would they revolt? No. And that is why end times are knocking on our door.

Japan wants the US troops out. Toyota gets hammered. An American General says he is gonna alter the ecosystem in Afghanistan, sounds like poisoning the air or atmosphere. It’s all the same brains behind the big wars and the persecution of non sheeple. But they still haven’t established Gay parties in American embassies in Tehran, Gaza, Kabul or Damascus. Yet they are about to start a Fallujah style massacre in Afghanistan, another feather in their journey.

Crime and debauching a character is the only currency left for our masters. They have even killed capitalism.

There’s a chance I’ll get through it all, and I won’t get charged – I’ll sing their song, and tell you about being a Jew and how marvellous my ancestors were.

It’ll be like the Hashishans in reverse, I’ll be showered in Ecstasy (not the drug).

Or maybe Mohamed will come back? And we will learn the way of the Muslims. Or we become productive again? Actually Jesus would also be okay. But the Tuarean age is out of sync. I am sorry but the old testament is from the Tuarean age, that is a fact. Or we’ll wake up to a world without religion yet still embody some values of truth.

Written by morris

February 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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Gilad Atzmon discusses the enlargement pill – video

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Talent isn’t singular


Written by morris

February 6, 2010 at 12:04 am

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