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Although the arrogance unavoidably seeps out, Jewish power prefer to be quiet in the background. Even if our criminal wars are so supported / orchestrated by Jewish power, they prefer we look at the frontmen; Bush and Obama etc.


Yet there is a givaway, when Jewish power meets a resistance it can only rationalize it by saying: “They must be Jewish”. After all the Jews are the chosen, after all the world has adopted Jewish values, speculators have taken on the role of “Lords”.


Today’s authoritative ‘Observer’ speculates if the Pashtuns are of Jewish descent. From that we know that the secretive powerful Jews cannot believe that Western troops are being killed and injured like flies whenever they venture into Pashtunland (AfPak).



The poor truth is not all Jews are Jewish, let alone the veracity of the myth that true Jews of today descend from Israel.

If you can’t beat them, they must be Jewish, that is the ethnocentric race obsessed point of view. It is a view with some humour, except for the daily war crimes, and except for the obviousness that it is a philosophy which is doomed to backfire.


Perhaps the message is just for the Jews: “we have to make peace with the Taliban, so therefore we have a blood connection.” Come off it, off the high horse, all the West is living in is crime and deviance. And they are casting their influence everywhere. And suddenly we here a biblical approach: “there is a blood connection”. And that about sums up the world under Jewish power: Crime, deviance and the Bible. Each with its own agenda, and sharing the same bed, resulting in our bankruptcy and war crimes.




Written by morris

January 24, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Posted in Afghanistan, Jews, Pashtuns, Taliban

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