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I met an Israeli – he was secretly crying for help

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He explained: “Israelis are well trained in security, after securing Israel from the Palestinians, then there is a lot of employment opportunity in foreign lands.”

“Just look”, he said, “we offer security on London’s Busses, and many airports worldwide. We can track a person without them knowing it wherever they go.”

“Unfortunately”, he confided, “we have little choice, this is what we were born into. There are no other opportunities for Israelis, and there is no way out. Our brutality to others is also visited on our own detractors. We have no Peace Corp, no international NGOs, everything is done ‘by order’.”

“So while the world hears of Israeli barbarity to others, they do not hear about the “law of silence” – the law of the ‘Kosher Nostra’.” He went on: “We have to go around the world, sheilded from ever mixing with the natives, except for using them as agents of information.  And our own internal discipline is literally murderous. Our family will be the first to be punished, and that is why there are no whistleblowers.”

“Israeli Jewish society is pretty secretive, few Jews understand who is really in charge, and as unfortunate as Israel’s victims are, so are Israelis, who are mostly obliged to murder, steal, defraud, eavesdrop, forge etc.”

Written by morris

January 22, 2010 at 8:57 am

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