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Our war aims are too taboo to discuss

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The war on Terror’s aims – have never been clear. If Dickiebird says it’s Osama Bin Laden, or the NYT says it is WMDs, or the conspiracy sites say it is for the profit of Oil and Military industries. Believe none of it.

There are clever people in charge – in the “shadow” government – clever people are governed by ideology, philosophy if you like. They know that the average person is a profiteer and will “fall in” behind any war goals.

Yet our shadow government also keeps its cards close to its chest. Its guiding principles are not for the public at large, who are hopefully preoccupied with sport, reality TV, alcohol etc.

The very reasons for waging these wars is secret and generally taboo to discuss. Speculation that the “war on terror” was a war for Israel, has some truth in it, particularly for Iraq. But Israel is part and parcel of our shadow government’s principles. Hence the systematic punishment of the Palestinians, just as we are seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Without intending homophobia, it is obvious that Gay rights are part of the battle. This statement is made without judgement or prejudice, as an observation. All the places we are bombing make homosexuality illegal. With Gay Ministers in the British Government, and the lobbying wealth of the fashion industry, it is obvious that Gay people support the subordination or elimination of Islam. There was a great fanfare for holding a Gay party at the American Embassy in Baghdad – The head of the CIA, the Ambassador and the State Department must have approved it.. Obama and Gordon Brown never tire of proclaiming equal rights for Gay people. Only a fool and an idiot would not recognise that this is an element in our war objectives.

If we are ever to get out of our slippery slope to hell, truth is the only hope. But we are all terrorised with taboo subjects – subjects that are kept out of discussion.

There are other “secret” agendas that out troops are fighting for, and that we are being bankrupted for….

Written by morris

January 20, 2010 at 1:43 am

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