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Taxing the Goyim

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Taxing the Goyim, it isn’t in the bible, I don’t think. Everyone has to play their part. Or at least be SEEN to be playing their part. And anyway if others have to live such an agenda (a living death of organised crime), then no one should be allowed to escape.

I have met a few Israelis who sense the crisis, who are sickened by the demands made upon those who are from Israel, but they are a small minority. There are far more wielding their power of supposed superiority. Deluded by being the Chosen, or simply by their financial enrichment.

All we have in the end is a unilateral people. Unilaterally deciding who to reward and who to punish.

I have to be seen with criminals daily, this suits the people of the living death. Islam at least says (I believe) that non believers pay an extra tax of 10% or whatever, that is far more noble than this underhanded deceptive form of criminal taxation.

If a group of Jews would stop insisting on me being seen with the unworthy, maybe my vitriol would dilute. Then again it might cost me my life. I just had to run out of a supermarket, from a planted stalking lady. She ran out after me. Creepy and disgusting. Y’see there is a blur between crime and the intelligence -it’s a long story…

Having been to Israel, and seen the vocations on offer, I lost any Jewishness. And the Zionist backers that cover the globe ensure remorseless pressure.

A couple of years ago some powerful (Jewish) prophetic writers were saying Zionism is dead: Avraham Burg and Tony Karon (or Google them). What is next? Judaism is dead? Not because there is a fault in the religion, but because of the deviance on the ground. And that the only currency left is deviance.

I guess they know football and alcohol ETC should stop the Goyim reflecting.

Written by morris

January 19, 2010 at 12:04 am

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  1. Avraham Burg is still what he has always been.

    He’s just been shifted over to another branch of the Zio-effort.

    Now he promotes the E.U. as “the fulfillment of our Messianic urges!”


    April 17, 2010 at 11:06 am

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