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There will be Nuremberg trials again. And the Jews behind this war on terror will be in the dock, not because they are Jewish, but because they hid behind it. They forced the Jewish agenda on everyone, including Jews, yet it was only a facade, a fake, a fundamentalism, a concern for profit, retribution and imprisoning people. Over a million dead in Iraq alone. And now they rub their hands in joy at the prospect of loads of Yemenis dying.

The worst thing about modern Judaism is the understanding that everyone will be told what to say and what to do. We even see worldwide legislation in this regard.

If you have nothing to say, then you will not be aware of it.

But every thinker and news editor soon becomes aware of the rules.

And so we end up with a clandestine army, where everyone is complicit in ongoing war crimes, and they are just the more visible effects of a trickle down intelligentsia.


In Jewish thought, the religion places emphasis on a man’s volition. A man’s ability to make a choice, hopefully of sound moral judgement.

And what do we have? We have Jews everywhere doing what they are told. Saying what they are told to say. God help an Israeli who isn’t fighting for the tribe, and that means “following orders”. And every subject knows the consequences of insolence. Punishment to family and loved ones. The reign of terror dished out to the world, is also dished out internally.

A ruling class gains from experience, and a lot of expertise is passed down from Father to son. All ruling classes have to deal with dissidents, traitors and freethinkers. Our current rulers also have to deal with truthseekers and truthsayers. It is not unusual for a ruling class to murder those that stand in the way. But it takes a lot of expertise to also frame an innocent party. And all the experience and expertise is there.


And all the while – the elite are concerned with the “image” of the Jews, maybe it is collapsing before our eyes. Certainly we have seen Israel’s image collapse. Profit and retribution are all that is left, that is: Monsantos and wars on terror.

Roll over Arrogance

Stop making Truth and freindship illegal

Stop promoting all that is not natural

Written by morris

January 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm

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