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So Scott Ritter has been charged with sexual perversion Added

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(Added: What is the possibility of him having been spiked with acid and testosterone? Very likely, from my experience, read on:)

How successful the Jews are at this.

I can rarely go a day without being stitched up to look like I am with an underage child. This IS the Jewish calling card. This IS the first form of attack for anyone opposing our Genocidal wars. And of course the victim starts to feel guilty by association in an otherwise innocent situation.

The Jews have showered me with pedophiles, transsexuals, and underage children. Not to mention pumping me full of Hormones. They will send a plumber to your place of living to ensure that your water supply is spiked.

If you are a Jew, if you care about Judaica, maybe you should ask if this sexual defamation is worthwhile?

No one likes a peodophile. The Jews have filmed me with more pedophiles and perverts than anyone would want to know. It is standard Jewish practice to ruin anyone.

Judaism today is nothing more than a criminal syndicate. And the concern for proving sexual perversity will win as many friends as the false flags do.  That is, only the dumbed down will buy it all. And anyway the Jewish craving for retribution will be satisfied.

They find some one who for a few dollars or pounds will make a false claim. The police forces are corrupt enough to facilitate false charges.

And all the time the pornographic and Gay industries are run by Jews. And when we look at our Government Ministers, it is common knowledge in the intelligentsia how many are into pornography, pedophilia and secret Gay lifestyles.

The Jews have an army of people to watch you 24/7 and to discredit you on a daily basis. And to ensure that no worthwhile relationship can be formed. To deprive a person of any intimacy. This of course, is not all Jews, but I am confident these Jews go to synagogue.

ps. Scott Ritter was a weapons inspector in Iraq.

(Added: Most of us are suspicious of the swine flu vaccinations. Spiking has now become common practice …)

Written by morris

January 15, 2010 at 9:10 am

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