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Jewish intifida requirements

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Mondoweiss today, referred to the need for a “Jewish intifada”. Cute, and worth considering.

In the mayhem of Israel’s crisis, there is a call for Jewish identity. As if the state of Israel is secondary to the Jewish nation.

Some examination of what being Jewish is therefore necesary.

It seems tied up with the fiat money system. And this might well be an exhibition of Jewish personal responsibility and theocratic morals. But when we look at the facts on the ground, we see ponzi schemes and a lot of deception.

So whether you are for Israel or against it (as it is), at least proclaim one’s Jewishness and pride therein.

Most Jews now are secular, apart from a possible occasional ritual, they are as non-descript as any other product of the global consumer culture.

A Jewish intifada that overthrew an Apartheid and inhuman society is a romantic thought. But it would be a whitewash without an examination of Jewish hegemony. The Jewish pyramid sustained by intimidation and crime also needs to be challenged.

The great fear of anti-semitism, of a holocaust, aren’t these just symbols of a challenge to interest rates and debt? These are the questions Jews need to ask.

And last of all the Jewish need for retribution, this might be its undoing, as we orchestrate wars all across the globe.

And the Israeli to be found involved in all matters of security, throughout the world, from an Israel providing 12% of the world’s arms exports. Providing a subsidized cushioned existence that encourages a race of blinkered and rather vicious people.

And on, and on, and the innocent die and suffer.

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January 12, 2010 at 1:31 am

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