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What’s the Jewish humiliation thing?

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Jews are as human as anyone else. The cunundrum is in the ideology. It is an enforced ideology, freedom to walk away is not permitted. And the Jews that don’t know they are as human as everyone else, are the most dangerous for everyone.

If religious Jews want to pass on their faith, so be it. Where does that leave all the other Jews, ensconsed in being Jewish, yet with no such reality as a Racial Jew, it could be Africa, Russia or the UK.

Being a rootless cosmopolitan is being a Jew.

It’s a lean mean fighting machine the Jewish world.

Less expenses that way. Just a small elite to support from an expanding pyramid.

The layers of secrecy:

It is America that is doing the warring, that is supporting reactionary regimes etc.

What part of American policy is not directed by Dual Nationals, the Israeli lobby or by Israel?

The answer reveals the methodology of power, ie: at all times the rulers and their agenda must be hidden.

The very topics of our war agenda are taboo. In fact there is clarity, but in our sea of disinfo we find the true agendas unbelievable.

Behind the Modern manifestation of Judaica is the belief in speculation. All our bonuses, Yuppies and bankers are bathed in glory. They are “glorious” professions. In fact they are just another “taxman” on someone else’s toil.

The Fiat money empire requires a policing and enforcement. Creating a constant need for fear. (aka terrorism, swine flu etc). All effectively choking any real dialogue, public or private.

The need to support homosexuality has taken on a religious fervour: Political leader’s statements, education in schools, public advertising (at least in the UK). Allthough Judaicly forbidden, the sordid goals of speculative fiat money hegemony require an alliance in the policing.

The constant portrayal of alcohol as the purveyor of happiness. We see and hear it everywhere.

And finally the body as object, hence the opposition to the veil. And indeed the manifestation: Abu Ghraib.

It is hard to defend Judaica, whether one is part of it or not. Even the illusionary racial heritage is being dismantled. my successes have been when I have worked with Jews, there can be a sense of humour and understanding, but it seems rather pale when compared to the monstrocity of incessant war crimes.

As we sit on the Titanic….

The truth is the prevailing Jewish order and its manifestations are way out of date. Reared on the religion of the holocaust, a word that only introduced into common use in the 1960’s, a race now created, which will abrogate all forms of understandings (aka the “peace process”). Now all a loyal Jew can do is provide security, and sully any opposing voices. It is an ideological ship to nowhere. Requiring more and more anti human actions all the time.

The reign of hatred is in full swing, from Yemen to Pakistan, none of them enshrine homosexuality or speculation or alcohol.

Worst of all: is the “new” Israeli: the crystallisation of worldwide Zionist support. That which has moulded the fiercest people on earth. The Zionists that quell each and every dissident voice. That steal and kill to support Eretz Yisrael. That watch and damn people. That frame and entrap any freedom seeker. Their sole ambition is to pivot every unrelated action in a Zionist prism. They have stolen my ID out of my hands, impersonated me, and harass me daily. They manufacture the money and they tell our “public” officials what to say. They know that God has given them the right to interfere in everything. To make so many lives a misery.

Mondoweiss on the Goldstone report:

…. Nakedness, humiliation, and torture made Abu Ghraib an important story in the American media five years ago. The abuse of Iraqi detainees damaged the American reputation ….

Now read the Goldstone report …. [it] documents incident upon incident of Palestinians stripped naked at gunpoint. The statement made to strip completely occurs frequently, as Israeli soldiers enter houses in the northern parts of the Gaza strip. He was stripped and made to stand alone, naked, for almost an hour strip searches were carried out regularly They were made to line against the wall before being asked to strip naked. They were made to stand, blindfolded, naked and exposed to the cold winds, for about three or four hours. The men were made to strip, sometimes naked, at different stages of their detention. Many of the men remained in their underwear, exposed to the harsh winter weather.
In several instances, Goldstone alleged, these detainees were also tortured during interrogations. Or terrorized by being used as human shields: Johnnies, the Israelis called them, forced to enter other Palestinian houses to look for combatants.
In one episode Goldstone documented, 11 women and 7 children were in a group that the Israelis forced to march through a village to a gun emplacement, where they had to climb down into sand pits surrounded by barbed wire. They were held for three days as tanks moved around them, firing shells into the strip. [T]hey had limited access to toilet facilities A few of them were told to relieve themselves inside the pit, behind a small mound of sand. They stated that it was culturally difficult for the women to seek permission to relieve themselves and they did not ask.


It’s true that neighbours fight: Northern Ireland, Pakistan India. But what is unfolding is more sinister than anything before.

The gist of it is hidden powers, and the powers are ruining it for Jewish people, as much as anyone else.

Maybe it has all been said before (of course it has):

Here In The Long Solemn Dark: An Examination Of Global Elitism By Giordano Bruno

Some men embrace their failings, their hatred and their envy, their vicious desire for control over their environment and those in it, and they do it deliberately, completely aware of the imbalance and pain they are inflicting on others. Where I see weakness of character, they see untapped strength …

In his book Persecution and the Art of Writing, Strauss outlines why secrecy is necessary. He argues that the wise must conceal their views for two reasons to spare the peoples feelings and to protect the elite from possible reprisals (reprisals they likely deserve). He also believed that the only true balance in human nature was the will of the strong; the idea that morality is built upon the views of those who are strongest. The weak had no choice but to adopt the implicit morality of the strong.
Strauss often talked of the need for a moral imperative and even a benevolent God, but interestingly, Strauss was not only an atheist (according to some of his own colleagues), but also a moral relativist. Young and nae students of Neo-Conservatism often argue that Strauss was a promoter of high morals because he mentions them so often in his books, but they do not seem to understand the context in which he uses them. Strauss felt that a moral framework was a useful tool in manipulating the masses, and nothing more. He was in no way a man of conscience. Religion or any other system that focused on the development of conscience was meant for the lowly serfs, while the elite Philosopher Kings would rule with their own set of virtues, virtues to which the commoners were supposedly not equipped to mentally grasp….

HatTip: WRH


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January 4, 2010 at 2:48 am

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