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What happens if you won’t fight for the cause?

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A special group of people oversee you. Till you are afraid to look at anyone in the eyes. Every interaction is fraught with crime and betrayal. The law is always there for assisstance. And, of course, the upshot is everyone wondering why there is no friendliness, no smiles, no humanity.

As a victim, one also gets to observe the ways of the powerful. They steal, murder and spike at will. While insuring everyone is fuelled with disinfo.

Evil now rules, from the apparent: Guantanamo, to the sublime: obligatory support for Jews and Gay liberation. Control and war crimes are now the order of the day. Relentlessly dished out. No freedom of association, just supporting crimes against humanity, that is all there is.

A terrorist here there and everywhere. Swine Flu, Climate change and Iran’s nuclear threat. Fear as a daily diet. And all the time we bomb the innocent. Worst of all: “As above so below”. What we see on a big scale, is happening on a small scale. Micromanaging anyone with 2 brain cells. Using fear and chemicals, and all right under our noses.

Maybe the Jewish success is its downfall, or humanities downfall. Not saying there is anything wrong with the relligion, or that all Jews are bad, just saying whoever is leading the Jews is off track. More off track than anything ever seen before.

Paying for the sins of our ancestors. Collective punishment, sewing conflict everywhere. All right in front of our eyes. Apart from hapless hooligans, no one is prepared to display like with like.

Written by morris

January 2, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Posted in 1984, Judaica, NWO, War on Terror

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