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It seems America has been sold down the river

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Gone off to conquer for a few special interests, and her allies have also suffered.

The “special interests” certainly see Islam as the enemy.

Win or Lose, America is finished. Unlike the victory over the Soviets, this time the hegemonic Capitalists, epitomised by the USA, will be left with an omnipotent China.

Might our warmongers extend the war to Iran, Pakistan proper? Why not, apart from Israel, all else is fodder.

Maybe they will win the battle and lose the war. Start a war between India and Pakistan. Declare victory over a nuked Iran. But our hidden ruling elites will also be finished.

So what will living under Chinese rule (the Middle Kingdom) be like? That’s the big question. They don’t tolerate dissidents, but rather than rule culturally, the current trend of the West becoming impoverished will continue, cementing a rejection of “so called” Jewish laissez faire economics.

The Chinese can play the capitalist card well, even corruption, but they are not so tolerent of Cults or Gays, (our “special interests”).

I cannot imagine how these Zionist led wars that have brought poverty to us will ever be forgiven. Not only is the folly becoming obvious, but it is being escalated and is viewed as the answer to all ills.

Unfortunately the blinkered army of plain clothes agents swarming the world, would rather sink the world than withdraw and turn around.

Written by morris

December 28, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Posted in israel, war

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