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Israel’s free fall was only TRIGGERED by the Gaza onslaught

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There are so many writers asking; “Was Gaza worth it?”

Israel’s free fall

Dec 22, 2009:”Israel’s diplomatic status is undergoing a rapid collapse, whose like we have never known before. We did undergo crises during the first Lebanon War, the First Intifada and on other occasions – but never did we fall from a such great height to such a low depth, and the bottom is still far down” (Adam Keller quoting Ben Kaspit’s Ma’ariv oped)


We should be used to horrific scenes of Israeli military actions. Why was Gaza the problem? In 1982 the world watched Beirut being mercilessly bombed for 90 days. There were also phosphorous bombs used in that invasion of Lebanon.

Recently we had the second Lebanon war, which was one Israeli war crime from beginning to end.

According to racist Jewish thought these “other” people from “other” ethnic backgrounds are lesser people, and no one should identify with them.

Operation Cast Lead was just the straw that broke the Camel’s back, it was inevitable. There is so much widespread resentment against the way Jewish Zionist people are leading the mainstream media, the banks, and the endless war crimes being committed against Iraqis, Afghans and indeed all faithful Muslims.

The widespread suspicions regarding 911, 7/7 and mostly all reporting of terrorist acts.

It is truly time for an end to the Jewish empire, it has been hijacked by some very bloodthirsty people.

GeoPolitically, it seems the Chinese are poised to fill any vacuum, and that is purely anecdotal.  A Jew or an Israeli is nowadays required to:

1/ Show pride in Judaica

2/ Be of service to Judaica

3/ Tax, Hegemonize, and go against nature’s soul

Simply a ruthless culture, creating ruthless people, and ultimately ruthless adversaries. And what’s on offer? Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama?

Apart from the truth that Jews actually do kill Jews, I can only wonder how long till Jews have killed Judaica.

They simply don’t get it. Obama’s surge, Iran the enemy, Killing and stealing everyday, and undermining and defaming all peacelovers. Breeding wars and conflict everywhere. No, there is no longer anything to be proud of regarding Judaica.

The tide has turned for international opinion, the leaders of the Jews might not know it, then again, nor did Mussolini.

Written by morris

December 27, 2009 at 10:38 am

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