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Pride and Ego – War and conflict

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An English expression: “Pride comes before a fall”

Many sages (thinking of Osho) have said “All of our problems are due to Ego” (paraphrased)

And “To forgive is a miracle” from The book of Miracles

Now we all want to belong, and regarding human’s origins the jury is out, Naturally there is a craving for an explanation, for a belonging, for identifying with a group. Tribes and clans seem to have the least difficulty here. The very people our criminal “war on terror” is directed at.

Anyway, in come the Jews. Jewish pride is sacrosanct. Awareness of Hollywood and the MSM’s message of the “poor” Jews is one thing. But imagine what is served in centres of Jewish learning, or in Jewish ghettos, in Israel, in a Zionist home?

Put simply: If Jews were less proud of being Jewish, there would be less wars and conflicts. And anyway, “Who is a Jew”? Officially only someone with a Jewish Mother, or a convert. The reality on the ground is so different from the official version. But that doesn’t matter, it is the image that counts.

The punishment of the Jews to the Jews is a rather under explored theme. But there seems to be a special Jewish police force only concerned with the level of pride in being Jewish that is expressed. Indeed many are the rewards for demonstrating pride of Jewishness, or of the Jews.

Standing on thin ice is inflated egos that lead to wars and crimes, a little ritual actually means nothing.

The daily war crimes continue against the tribes and clans of the Afghanis, Iraqis, the Palestinians and many others.

Written by morris

December 25, 2009 at 10:48 am

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