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The 2010 war between everyone – in the West

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Hieronymus Bosch, Hell Garden of Earthly Delights

It all started strangely, bank defaults in the UK, people queued, the money plummeted, and no amount of government spin helped. Inevitably people turned on the Jews.

Momentarily Israel seemed to garner some strength from being the refuge it had always said it was there for. Many thought it was Zionism reborn, briefly it seemed as though pride and purpose were returning.

In Europe it was like the Inquisition: “you can stay if you give up being Jewish”. And as for Bankers and the like they scarpered and hid for shame. It was the end of capitalism. Strange how it happened overnight.

The “wars without end” suddenly ended, coincidently with the fall of the Jews.

All this was of no immediate help to the Palestinians or the Americans, except, Americans followed suit, and just like the Iron curtain fell, and one country after another shed the Soviets, so it happened in the Capitalist world. Like dominoes, from Japan to Canada, everyone rebelled against the banks, the Jews, the wars, unfortunately it wasn’t a party. Food shortages and poverty took hold. They were anyway unfolding.

But the stranglehold of the propagandising Press ended abruptly. CNN and the BBC went down the drain.

Judaica was now presented as principally a haven for perpetuating central banks and interest rates. While the Jews were the last to accept this, they were nevertheless weakened by their lack of defence. Pointing to the religion seemed a little senseless when few actually followed it.

Some knock on events from the collapsing capitalism, was losing Egypt and Jordan as collaborators in the Jewish craving for eternal punishment. Without the US, the banks, and the Zionists, Israel suddenly came to its senses, it withdrew from the West Bank.

Some Israelis actually started dreaming of being artists instead of security agents. Inevitably a form of civil war erupted amongst the Jews. Their empire in collapse, bickering broke out, it was of such a low level, having grown up in a stew of disinformation. It was the tower of babel all over again.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

The Leviev’s and Rahm Emmanuels went the way of CNN, the rich donors to Eretz Yisrael were no more.

Few had time to think of all the pointless deaths and wounded from the inane wars. But xenophobia, fiefdoms and local accountability returned and replaced the endless diatribe of “Islamic extremism” etc. After decades of single issue campaigns, there was no room for a national or transnational unifying ideology or common ground.

Many conscientious truthseekers surfaced, apologists for 911 and other false flags, strangely, no one had time to listen to them.

It was the end of the Jewish era………………….

A local ability to trust returned, there was no longer a need to pay tribute to certain Icons: Jewishness and the Holocaust etc. And as much as God had made man in his image, it became apparent that certain oligarchies had used this archetypal symbolism to mould common people.

The unanswered question that remained is whether humans needed to worship or be devoted.

Written by morris

December 22, 2009 at 12:44 am

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