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The tip of a boomerang – Israel’s war crimes charges

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The English say “What goes around comes around”

The Indians talk of Karma – which is cause and effect

Blood Sweat and Tears sang “What goes up must come down”

When considering the calamities that have befallen Israel’s adversaries, and all the innocents in the cross fire.

When all the walls caved in all around the victims. Because of a blinkered ruthlessness that is ruining and has ruined so many innocents.

One wonders what will come of these arrest warrants for Israeli leaders on war crimes charges.

And as bad as the charges are, and the likelihood they can be avoided, are they perhaps a harbinger of what is to come?

That Israel is covered in weapons and security personnel from one end to the other and everywhere in between is well known. It is militarily stronger that anyone nearby. Yet are the pressures beginning to build up?

Where will the pressures end? Once it becomes clear that Israel is losing control over international opinion? Will it turn into a tsunami?

Those in power will reflex like a knee jerk for more war, yet even that is not working. It is truly time to turn around, make way for the pacifists and the humanists, and the turning around cannot be solely on GeoPolitical terms, it will also require a soul-searching in philosophy, ideology, theology, mythology, belief systems, a reexaminig of history. And an acceptance that collective punishment is futile and counterproductive, even though it continues on a daily basis, and is a war crime.

Families and races are punished as a matter of course, as a supposed Jewish way of responding.

Or they can continually relive the Masada complex syndrome, and the holocaust and the various other shades of victimhood and persecution.

To Schlep Them to Justice in Safety by Gilad Atzmon

Israel’s Leaders on the Run by Gilad Atzmon

Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak by Kawther Salem


Written by morris

December 18, 2009 at 3:04 am

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