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The Unilateral evil – or Obama the last Tzar

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The atrocities of Gaza are now legend

The treatment of the Palestinians is common knowledge

But human nature is holistic, and the ruthlessness is not confined only to the Palestinians, but to everyone, even the Jews.

The fanatical religion of Israeli nationalism/Jewish supremacism embraces both secular and religious.  A people have been raised on the holocaust and chosen religion.

And how many Jews know they are soldiers? And how many Jews really understand what the “game plan” is? A religious point of view is; “Every generation is dumber than the previous”. Hence “the dumbing down” media.

I believe the secular Jews know less about the true agenda than the religious. Either way pursuing crime is the order of the day.

Most actions and motivations are justified by God. “God takes from some and gives to others” is a familiar refrain.

Apart from the Palestinians the war is also against Islam, Communism, Nazism, against anyone challenging the fiat money interest system.

There really isn’t any capitalism left. In business if there is any substantial money involved, then protectzia is required. Clients come from “favours” by a mafia.

The Judaic world now requires everyone to betray their basic human instincts. It is only a question of degree. Many Israelis are now ruthless, no regard for human dignity: framing, spiking, torturing, killing, kidnapping, mostly sanctioned in law. Not that the law has any value.

Our endless wars continue, rather reminiscent of the last Tzars. Yet unlike Tzarist Russia, GM and impoverished food might keep everyone from revolting.

But the empire’s undoing might come from the evil propogated, the constant onslaught of fear, false flags, confusion, the need for conflict, and the inability to allow people to trust one another.

There is no alternative to people organising, like they did against the Tzars, and unfortunately creating a totalitarianism. And as much as this organising applies to the people so it applies to the nations.

Written by morris

December 9, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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