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Italian MEP Exposes occult Bilderberg, Trilateral leaders, video

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Italian MEP Exposes Bilderberg. Trilateral Nominations For EU President. Foreign Minister

How many secret societies are there???

According to whom one has fallen victim, so one is left to accuse who is pulling the strings. From Freemasons, to Scientologists, Gays, Jews or the Mossad.

At least we can all agree that we have lost our Democracies.

And we must never forget the cries of the East Germans – you couldn’t do a thing without being a member (or at least a friend) of the Stazi.

We have to assume those outside of the grip of our occult leaders, with their secret laws dictating who is legitimate and who is not, are labeled “terrorists”, they must be in Iran and North Korea and Hizbollah.

Written by morris

December 3, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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