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What isn’t a false flag??? Added

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A 23 year old saying the world is unfair, and he is willing to support some form of revolution, he is wandering lose through Europe. His father is high up in Banking (ie corruption). The intelligence agencies love people like him. What a patsie to be. Amsterdam Airport security is run by an Israeli security company (ICTS) which was the security company in charge on 9/11 in the key US airports.

So a suited gentlemen accompanies this 23 year old onto the plane, and according to witnesses he had no passport. The man who tackled him says he was startled and not aggressive see WRH.

Entire incident orchestrated for fear is the most reasonable answer.


Xymphora has made an amazing post saying the Berlusconi attack was faked for sympathy, with video evidence…

Oscar for Berlusconi

The Italians posting videos to YouTube (here and here and here and the one embedded here) make an excellent case that the attack on Berlusconi was faked;
  1. the cameraman meticulously following Berlusconi’s every move mysteriously turns away vaguely into the crowd just before the attack;
  2. you can see the swing of the attacker at Berlusconi, which misses him;
  3. Berlusconi immediately puts a black piece of plastic he had been holding in his hand (?) over his face (but in the moment before he does so you can see his face is unmarked);
  4. there is no blood above the plastic at first, but when Berlusconi emerges from his car there is a new smear of blood under his eye;
  5. his bodyguards spend some time obscuring our view while they apply the makeup in the car (and one may have a can of some spray-on substance);
  6. the makeup appears as caked and dried blood, not what you would see as the result of a very recent attack.

The trickery worked – Berlusconi’s personal popularity in Italy soared after the attack.

Added Dec 29th: Regarding the Mumbai bombings more details are coming to light, apart from the total implausability of two people holding hundreds hostage over many days in a large hotel, only to be found shot through both eyes, as a reported suicide.
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Written by morris

December 28, 2009 at 9:53 pm

It seems America has been sold down the river

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Gone off to conquer for a few special interests, and her allies have also suffered.

The “special interests” certainly see Islam as the enemy.

Win or Lose, America is finished. Unlike the victory over the Soviets, this time the hegemonic Capitalists, epitomised by the USA, will be left with an omnipotent China.

Might our warmongers extend the war to Iran, Pakistan proper? Why not, apart from Israel, all else is fodder.

Maybe they will win the battle and lose the war. Start a war between India and Pakistan. Declare victory over a nuked Iran. But our hidden ruling elites will also be finished.

So what will living under Chinese rule (the Middle Kingdom) be like? That’s the big question. They don’t tolerate dissidents, but rather than rule culturally, the current trend of the West becoming impoverished will continue, cementing a rejection of “so called” Jewish laissez faire economics.

The Chinese can play the capitalist card well, even corruption, but they are not so tolerent of Cults or Gays, (our “special interests”).

I cannot imagine how these Zionist led wars that have brought poverty to us will ever be forgiven. Not only is the folly becoming obvious, but it is being escalated and is viewed as the answer to all ills.

Unfortunately the blinkered army of plain clothes agents swarming the world, would rather sink the world than withdraw and turn around.

Written by morris

December 28, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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Israel’s free fall was only TRIGGERED by the Gaza onslaught

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There are so many writers asking; “Was Gaza worth it?”

Israel’s free fall

Dec 22, 2009:”Israel’s diplomatic status is undergoing a rapid collapse, whose like we have never known before. We did undergo crises during the first Lebanon War, the First Intifada and on other occasions – but never did we fall from a such great height to such a low depth, and the bottom is still far down” (Adam Keller quoting Ben Kaspit’s Ma’ariv oped)


We should be used to horrific scenes of Israeli military actions. Why was Gaza the problem? In 1982 the world watched Beirut being mercilessly bombed for 90 days. There were also phosphorous bombs used in that invasion of Lebanon.

Recently we had the second Lebanon war, which was one Israeli war crime from beginning to end.

According to racist Jewish thought these “other” people from “other” ethnic backgrounds are lesser people, and no one should identify with them.

Operation Cast Lead was just the straw that broke the Camel’s back, it was inevitable. There is so much widespread resentment against the way Jewish Zionist people are leading the mainstream media, the banks, and the endless war crimes being committed against Iraqis, Afghans and indeed all faithful Muslims.

The widespread suspicions regarding 911, 7/7 and mostly all reporting of terrorist acts.

It is truly time for an end to the Jewish empire, it has been hijacked by some very bloodthirsty people.

GeoPolitically, it seems the Chinese are poised to fill any vacuum, and that is purely anecdotal.  A Jew or an Israeli is nowadays required to:

1/ Show pride in Judaica

2/ Be of service to Judaica

3/ Tax, Hegemonize, and go against nature’s soul

Simply a ruthless culture, creating ruthless people, and ultimately ruthless adversaries. And what’s on offer? Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama?

Apart from the truth that Jews actually do kill Jews, I can only wonder how long till Jews have killed Judaica.

They simply don’t get it. Obama’s surge, Iran the enemy, Killing and stealing everyday, and undermining and defaming all peacelovers. Breeding wars and conflict everywhere. No, there is no longer anything to be proud of regarding Judaica.

The tide has turned for international opinion, the leaders of the Jews might not know it, then again, nor did Mussolini.

Written by morris

December 27, 2009 at 10:38 am

It is way past midnight

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Few would argue against the truth that private corporations are running government policies and are more wealthy than governments.

Chief amongst the Corporations are the banks and Insurance companies. We have to assume that decisions of war are made in corporate boardrooms. And that these directors, in their fraternities, are more privy to classified info than government Ministers themselves.

What happens to our premiums and interest payments? We are paying for the circus of “democracy”, and the Ads that support the MSM.

Such is the greed of today that healthcare is introduced as a mandatory contribution scheme. Doomed to be siphoned into the war machine.

The Corporation’s greed bankrupts countries to pay for endless wars, but the ideology is not strictly corporate, it is devised by people in secret groups. Hegemony is the game, but debilitating huge amounts of people is necessary, both the vanquished and the fodder of consumers and aggressors.

And we have to worry about the climate? The military onslaughts are causing more man made damage than any other activities. Which leads this writer to coment: All the planets in our solar system are warming up. According to (www.pks.or.at) Victor Schauberger water is constantly trying to acheive a temperature of -4degrees C. If we are continually warming the worlds water, it is incumbent on nature to create severe winters to recool the water. Water is life, we are essentially water.

A holy person can find nourishment in the worst of food. I hope the dear reader can find something in a meandering essay.

Basically some very small groups of people can undermine the best intentioned souls. Until a remedy is found, totalitarian states will flourish.

Written by morris

December 26, 2009 at 10:55 am

Pride and Ego – War and conflict

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An English expression: “Pride comes before a fall”

Many sages (thinking of Osho) have said “All of our problems are due to Ego” (paraphrased)

And “To forgive is a miracle” from The book of Miracles

Now we all want to belong, and regarding human’s origins the jury is out, Naturally there is a craving for an explanation, for a belonging, for identifying with a group. Tribes and clans seem to have the least difficulty here. The very people our criminal “war on terror” is directed at.

Anyway, in come the Jews. Jewish pride is sacrosanct. Awareness of Hollywood and the MSM’s message of the “poor” Jews is one thing. But imagine what is served in centres of Jewish learning, or in Jewish ghettos, in Israel, in a Zionist home?

Put simply: If Jews were less proud of being Jewish, there would be less wars and conflicts. And anyway, “Who is a Jew”? Officially only someone with a Jewish Mother, or a convert. The reality on the ground is so different from the official version. But that doesn’t matter, it is the image that counts.

The punishment of the Jews to the Jews is a rather under explored theme. But there seems to be a special Jewish police force only concerned with the level of pride in being Jewish that is expressed. Indeed many are the rewards for demonstrating pride of Jewishness, or of the Jews.

Standing on thin ice is inflated egos that lead to wars and crimes, a little ritual actually means nothing.

The daily war crimes continue against the tribes and clans of the Afghanis, Iraqis, the Palestinians and many others.

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December 25, 2009 at 10:48 am

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The 2010 war between everyone – in the West

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Hieronymus Bosch, Hell Garden of Earthly Delights

It all started strangely, bank defaults in the UK, people queued, the money plummeted, and no amount of government spin helped. Inevitably people turned on the Jews.

Momentarily Israel seemed to garner some strength from being the refuge it had always said it was there for. Many thought it was Zionism reborn, briefly it seemed as though pride and purpose were returning.

In Europe it was like the Inquisition: “you can stay if you give up being Jewish”. And as for Bankers and the like they scarpered and hid for shame. It was the end of capitalism. Strange how it happened overnight.

The “wars without end” suddenly ended, coincidently with the fall of the Jews.

All this was of no immediate help to the Palestinians or the Americans, except, Americans followed suit, and just like the Iron curtain fell, and one country after another shed the Soviets, so it happened in the Capitalist world. Like dominoes, from Japan to Canada, everyone rebelled against the banks, the Jews, the wars, unfortunately it wasn’t a party. Food shortages and poverty took hold. They were anyway unfolding.

But the stranglehold of the propagandising Press ended abruptly. CNN and the BBC went down the drain.

Judaica was now presented as principally a haven for perpetuating central banks and interest rates. While the Jews were the last to accept this, they were nevertheless weakened by their lack of defence. Pointing to the religion seemed a little senseless when few actually followed it.

Some knock on events from the collapsing capitalism, was losing Egypt and Jordan as collaborators in the Jewish craving for eternal punishment. Without the US, the banks, and the Zionists, Israel suddenly came to its senses, it withdrew from the West Bank.

Some Israelis actually started dreaming of being artists instead of security agents. Inevitably a form of civil war erupted amongst the Jews. Their empire in collapse, bickering broke out, it was of such a low level, having grown up in a stew of disinformation. It was the tower of babel all over again.

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Written by morris

December 22, 2009 at 12:44 am

The tip of a boomerang – Israel’s war crimes charges

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The English say “What goes around comes around”

The Indians talk of Karma – which is cause and effect

Blood Sweat and Tears sang “What goes up must come down”

When considering the calamities that have befallen Israel’s adversaries, and all the innocents in the cross fire.

When all the walls caved in all around the victims. Because of a blinkered ruthlessness that is ruining and has ruined so many innocents.

One wonders what will come of these arrest warrants for Israeli leaders on war crimes charges.

And as bad as the charges are, and the likelihood they can be avoided, are they perhaps a harbinger of what is to come?

That Israel is covered in weapons and security personnel from one end to the other and everywhere in between is well known. It is militarily stronger that anyone nearby. Yet are the pressures beginning to build up?

Where will the pressures end? Once it becomes clear that Israel is losing control over international opinion? Will it turn into a tsunami?

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Written by morris

December 18, 2009 at 3:04 am

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