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Instant Messaging (IM) with Gaza at Eid time

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[ 28/11/2009 23:35:15] London: Happy Eid

in Gaza: TO YOU TOO

in Gaza: thanx

London: I saw a video on Eid in Gaza on PressTVs web site: http://www.presstv.ir/default.aspx

in Gaza: are you doing well??

London: I don’t think I am doing well, actually.

in Gaza: why?

London: Well I think I make enemies – I have toooo much to say

in Gaza: god bless u

London: Inshalah

in Gaza: Inshalah

London: God doesn’t always make his presence felt. I do think the birds can have messages. Do you have anything in your culture about birds knowing things, or giving messages?

in Gaza: i know a bird was used to send messages from place to place

we call it hamam alzajel

London: But I think the birds for sending messages are trained by humans

in Gaza: right

first the humans take them to the place which they want to send messages to

then they take them back tieing the message on their feet and then let them fly

London: Yes we call them “homing pigeons”, they have competitions with them – the enthusiasts..

in Gaza: aha

London: Have you been busy???

in Gaza: last days ? We were thinking of Sacrificing – in the feast

in Gaza: and my brother and o did it yesterday

London: Sacrificing an animal???

in Gaza: right

this is what all the moslems do in aladha feast

don’t u know about it?

London: This video is called travelers for eid

in Gaza: don’t u know about it?

London: Not very much, sort of hear about it every year, Islamic culture is starting to make a bigger impact in recent years, but it really is kept away from Western Mainstream Media

in Gaza: aha –

it is along story –

but one of the past messengers called (Ibrahim) Peace upon him

dreamed that he is killing his son

and when he wakes up he deals with the dream as an order from Allah

cause the messengers dreams are already messages from Allah

so he tell his son that i saw my self killing u

his son says “dad do what ever u are ordered to do”

when Ibrahim peace upon him started and want to kill his son

Gebril who is an angel responsible for delivering the messages from Allah and the messengers

came from the sky telling Ibrahim that Allah wants to save your son and sends you this goat to Sacrifice it

and it became an order for all on this day to do so even in cows or camels

this day named aladha feast

and there is some conditions for Sacrificing

that’s it

London: I really enjoyed the story – even though often I do not remember later, it has drama because the unexpected happens, and there is a similarity with Hindus from India, because they have someone called Narada, who is a messenger from God.

in Gaza: Narada


I DON’T hear about him before

in Gaza: u mean by india the moslims there??

London: I once met a lady from the Gulf area, and I asked her if everyone is religious? And she said, in Muslim countries everyone has it in them..

London: No not the Muslims. Hindus

in Gaza: has what?


but hinus is not a real religion

Hindus was invented by humans

London: The Islamic way of living/understanding. You see in the West, we also have completely secular people, who have no knowledge or interest in religion, from this we can observe: rational thought, democracy, republicanism, communism etc.

London: Hindus, technically means anyone east of the river Indus, but in reality it is a religion, even though it comprises hundreds or thousands of religions in India, their holy books are called the Vedas, and they claim they are the oldest books known to humans.

in Gaza: this is not true in my religion

they are praying for things like cows, fire, sun, ETC

so this is not usual

we all have to pray just for Allah

London: Not usual for a Muslim. That is all you can say. Isn’t it?

in Gaza: could u pray for an animal ??

could believe that an animal could protect u and help u?

could u believe in a god who is dieing ?



London: I do believe the Cow is Holy. I do not believe we should eat it. In India the cows are walking around everywhere freely, without a tethering – it is a pleasure to see

I already said I believe the birds have messages – that is an animal protecting…

in Gaza: respecting is totally different of praying for

we have to believe in the creator

who can create but not being created

would u believe that the cow create itself?

if so she would make herself stronger and stay alive forever

London: I do not believe a cow can create itself – but it was not an intelligent question -)

in Gaza: i mean it

in Gaza: i respect ur opinion but why??

London: The most fanatical israelis seem to believe in God

London: why what??

in Gaza: why it is not an intelligent question??

London: It is rhetorical – and the answer is known before it is received –

[00:16:43] in Gaza: the Jewish is a religion from Allah

we believe in their messenger Eisa

but no there is no Jewish

its false

Allah says this

so you are with me in believing in the creator not the created

London: I think I like Sharia law – I am not that keen on devotional ways of being, and I am terrified of organised religion…

in Gaza: aha

London: The truth stands alone – someone famous said

in Gaza: did u read the Holy Quran before


sorry for asking

but i want to say that u will find things from the past. the present, the future in it

London: No, I have glanced at it, i also do not know the Jewish or Christian holy texts. I definitely can digest Rumi easily.

in Gaza: u will find everything written

London: I do not doubt: the past. the present, and the future are in it

in Gaza: and u will find much about the Jewish

at the same time there is no other old holy texts

even the Jewish or Christian texts

so the holy quran is the only original one

and the last one from Allah

so islam is the last religion which the people have to believe in

and they will be asked about it in the Judgement day

this is what the quran says

London: The world would be better off with Sharia law, I think. Also realize that (I think) outside of the Middle East, Islam in Muslim countries is more diluted.

in Gaza: Cultural invasion

London: If the USA goes bust, Islam will continue to spread its influence – If the USA does not go bust, it is going to continue to try to eradicate Islam, I think.

in Gaza: but this will not happen

London: Islam is a threat to Capitalism

in Gaza: i told u before Allah says we give you the quran and we will protect it

London: Well America and Britain are going broke from fighting Islam

in Gaza: watch this yourself

sooner or later

our holy quran says

before the Judgement day we will fight the Jewish

and Christians who believed that Eisan or the Christ is dead will be wrong

he is now with the god

and he will back to fight the Jewish

and this is not strange

he was born without a father – guess u know this –

so it is not difficult for Allah to protect him and replace him with another one similar

and he stuke in there hands , they kill him

but he wasn’t the Christ

but the Christians do not believe this

this is why they are walking in the wrong way now

and they are not enjoying faith

London: The only Muslim powers that Jewish power can accommodate are Capitalist ones – Islam is not acceptable to those in power in the Jewish world.

in Gaza: yes it is

but everything is going to change

we know this

London: Yes change is knocking on everyone’s door – something silly might happen as well – like an unnecessary war

London: You know I have to go to sleep, it is very late (even later for you) and I am a little worried about my day to day situation – meaning tomorrow, to start with.

in Gaza: good luck

London: Thank you

in Gaza: have a nice night and don’t dream in wars

London: I won’t, you made it sound like dreams were holy, when you were telling the story of Eid

in Gaza: it is

for the messengers and some faith people

London: Interesting –

in Gaza: the truth always is

London: Yes, By the Way, I might use some of this conversation, in a post, of course I will send you the url, is that okay with you???

in Gaza: yes it is

i believe in every word i’ve said

so go ahead

with my signature

London: ليلة طيبة وجيدة الأحلام

in Gaza: hahahahahahah

how did u do it?


London: http://translate.google.com/

in Gaza: to you too

nice from u


in Gaza: aha

good way

London: Okay bye for now

in Gaza: bye

Written by morris

November 29, 2009 at 9:27 am

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