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A crash? also Sarah Palin on Jews leaving the USA

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We’ve never known a catastrophic crash.

We’ve seen recessions and maybe a depression. But there is something precipitous about a crash.

According to Jung and parapsychology it is already in everyone’s subconscious. Perhaps on the surface many of us are concerned with maintaining order, but like a landslide, a rockfall, a deluge – there are unstoppable events.

Not being a TV watcher, instead a frequenter of conspiracy and alternative web sites, I was quite horrified that by chance I heard the 6.00 o’clock news in the UK. Essentially one horrific murder after another, probably they wouldn’t even make it into the national news in the USA.

But in our holistic earth, we are seeing mankind go mad, across the board, and in every way…

Insolvent insurance companies, fort Knox empty, man-made pathogens, too many sparks waiting to happen.

Sarah Palin says the Jews will be leaving the USA very soon, and she says it deliberately. (Always have to add a Jewish angle) I guess the Israelis will be happy about that: supporting demography and Israel’s raison d’etre….


Islam will inevitably be the friend of the Zionists, cause the West will be less forgiving for the wholesale barbarity brought on by the Israel firsters.

Let’s all say a eulogy for the humanist Jews, the ones relentlessly persecuted, gagged, defamed by the murderous oligarchy that rules.

Written by morris

November 19, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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