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Zionism? Hedge your bets

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The majority of people have turned against Zionism (with frightening speed), including the majority of Jews outside Israel. Then what is left for the oligarchs of finance and media to do? To also shed the zionism.

The cavalcade of anti zionist sentiment, often highlighted in the Israeli press, is surely striking home.


Where will this leave the die hard settlers and neocon backers? Out in the lurch is the answer.

Well known is the politician’s ability to turn on a dime, less well known is the same abillity for the Oligarchs and even the religious.

After all they rule over populations, that abide by neither religion nor free market economies. And how will these oligarchs deal with their brethren, those extremists in the West Bank, who actually believe in a Greater Israel.

I think at the very top of Judaic power a decision has been made to abandon Zionism, for the sake of keeping Jewish identity and power. They know whites are still the dominant economic class in post apartheid South Africa.


And all the zionist control of our institutions will have to be transfered to other hegemonic goals, yet still enshrine the same people.

All that can go wrong with this plan is a war, and who would start that???? The lunatic rightwing Israelis would, and they want to do it in the name of all of the Jews. The Israeli PM is relaying the message that all Jews are part of this Mafia, and they are ready to enforce it, speaking just a week ago 9-9-09, Netanyahu said:

Netanyahu’s speech at Jewish Federations of North America GA

Strengthening Jewish identity can no longer be a task exclusively for the Diaspora.

It is increasingly the responsibility of the Jewish State. Over a decade ago, I was proud to be the first Prime Minister to allocate state funds to bolster Jewish identity outside of Israel.

And I assure you that in my second term, I intend to do even more.

Which is a call to ensure all Jews assist in taxing the Goyim, and waging war on Islam, so that Jewish Fiat Money rules. And whatever money Israel allocates (from US foreign aid) will be used like a carrot and stick on Jews to abide, first with incitement, secondly with pain.

Leaving any intelligent or humanist Jew to say, take your judaism and keep it.

There are a couple of myths in Israel:

1/ Only the right can make peace.

2/ War is profitable

talk about getting it wrong

Meanwhile there are some bigwigs in the diaspora waging a campaign now that says a Jew does not have to mean one is a Zionist or a war criminal.
The established Zionist British MP Gerald Kaufman voiced the first realization that Post Zionism has hit the Zeitgeist.


British Jewish Zionist MP Gerald Kaufman says Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

“They are not simply war criminals; they are fools.”


Written by morris

November 18, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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