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Why are Israelis so tetchy?

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You might have not the slightest interest.

But they are running the world, in our faces Emannuel Rahm et al, and of course behind the scenes.

To be Tetchy is more the reserve of a banal criminal. Where ego is all the personification there is.

Yet Israelis display these self same attributes.

There they are advising warfare, from Iraq to Pakistan, from Jordan to Yemen and Somalia.

And get to say hello to these well behaved quiet spoken advisers and discover how easily they can take offence.

Maybe the loyalty to the pyramid is such a sacrifice that the persona becomes tender?

Just as the criminal keeps their secret life a secret, so the agent suffers similarly.

There must also be a sense of, well, senselessness. Advising Fatah how to fight Hamas.  The Iranians how to supply the Houthis.

Y’see everything is a secret. There are two personalities at work.

The “people” and even the general public in Israel are forbidden to know about dealings with the “enemy”.

Yet there are many “secret specialist” Israelis talking to Hamas, the Iranians, the Taliban etc, cutting any kind of deals they can, on a daily basis hopefully for them. And corruption is always injected wherever possible.  So there is a paid for fifth column.

But it is forbidden for the general public to know about it. Or to make contact with the “enemy”.

The goals from the top are always the same imperialist ones. Get them Muslims to fight each other.

And the commentators and analysts lose sight of this, instead they concentrate on which faction is momentarily gaining influence.

Maybe pointlessness and Tetchiness are commensurate.

Written by morris

November 14, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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