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Dear Mr Rothschild

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I don’t doubt you are all good people, but it is hell here on the ground. Everything is upside down.

There’s a lot of betrayal, framing and deception.

Being in your position must require a lot of alliances, but really, I reckon some of them are dubious.

There’s the fundamentalists, the criminals and the enforcers. Somewhere amongst it all are some very clever people.

But here on the street, its like being in a prison. The criminals run the police, everything is corrupt.

And one gets in trouble for speaking the truth. Can’t you do anything about it?

I mean being at the top, and owning all the banks, is it worth all this aggravation?

Everyone is uptight and afraid.

For your enforcers fear is the only weapon left, it is constantly coming at us from all angles.

The whole shebang has become sordid, all the joy and fun has evaporated.

Man has turned against man. I think the Fiat money thing is finished.

It’s just produced a lot of lies.

There’s no point in you saying “but it is everybody”, coz we can’t even say what we’d like to say.

All we hear is “ave another pint”. But there must be more to life?

Not so long ago, people trusted each other, doors didn’t have to be locked. Now anyone is on constant Guard.

People are disappearing, getting framed and getting spiked. That is the reality.

While all the media says is some politician said this or that, well the bottom is falling out.

Petrol waiting for a spark is the best way to explain things.

What about speaking out for a change? Before it comes uninvited.

We can talk about the Rothschilds, but we cannot talk about the enforcers with no uniforms.

And they never tell us their names, and they never show themselves. And so many of us try to mimic this modus operendus that operates above us.  Hence the only mobility on offer is crime and corruption.

For how long will we imagine that our politicians have any power? That they are even privy to the facts? Or that they can see the wood for the trees.

If you ask me, we need to adopt some Sharia laws.

History is full of Rothschilds that turned around, starting with the Buddha.

Written by morris

November 13, 2009 at 1:08 am

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