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21st Century Judaism equals Speculation, homosexuality, alcohol and Genocide

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What will replace Jewish Liberalism?

It will be autocratic totalitarianism.

Communism, Fascism or an extreme fundamentalist theology. Nothing else can combat the insipid games of interference.

Having brought society to its knees, where everyone is afraid of each other and betrayal. Where deception and spin is all that is allowed, indeed encouraged.

There will be little tolerance left for those in power now.

We are required to hate (Now the Iranians and Mugabe etc)

We are required to adorn our best speculators with wealth and glamour, as we destroy all that is nature and natural.

While harmful products are pushed at us in containers of hope.


Conversely – if Judaic Liberalism continues to conquer the world.

Everyone will be free to manifest themselves in any unattached way that they see fit. Gays, Speculators, Drunks and Forgers. All manifesting increasing addictions. Until everyone is a rootless cosmopolitan, hating any pockets of individuality: Tribes, Islam and anything not dependent on the speculator.


So much hoopla la about anti Semitism

Who is a Jew? Aren’t we all? We get mortgages, pay interest, use fiat money, live increasingly in debt and as rootless cosmopolitans.

The Jewish ascendancy has left us all in a spin. We are all playing the Jewish game. Communism and the third Reich tried for alternatives.

Communism failed possibly through no fault of its own. It was undermined by skulduggery by proving everyone is corruptible.

We are all discussing Judaica but can we go beyond the Jewish question?

Judaica provides a liberalism – alcohol, homosexuality and speculation are three pillars that probably cannot be found together in other ideologies.

Regarding family worship, Judaism holds no monopoly, that is common to all of humanity.


Alcohol shortens the life of about 25% of the population of Europe. See the article Alcohol gravest threat to society, says sacked government Scientist.

It requires a spiritual and holistic alteration to rid ourselves of this abuse. Prohibition has been proven not to work.  In moderation it is not a problem. But alcohol consumption is constantly promoted throughout our culture, I suspect that it is by design, that there is a constant requirement that all DJ’s, radio hosts, public personalities are seen or heard to encourage alcohol consumption. This is verifiable by observation.


Our best speculators are now public figures, in Government (Emmanuel Rahm) and big Zionists like Leviev, the endless list.

Islam says there can be no transaction of money without an exchange of goods. Imagine how different our societies could be, as individuals we would be more obliged to actually create something ourselves. Instead we have bright brains siphoned off into “futures”, “derivatives” and “hedge betting” (not to mention counterfeiting, taxing and deceiving) essentially betting on someone else’s success or failure (aka Insurance companies), instead of producing something oneself.


For the people who print the money, the ones at the very top, what better way to keep a society under control? Encourage alcohol, homosexuality and speculation.

The values Jews knowingly or not are required to uphold and enforce. A captive “chosen” police force by hereditary decree.

Mayhem is all that ensues. All three are addictive, causing a craving for more. Insuring support from those whose addictions are sanctified by law.


To combat an addicted society in flux where anyone can be popped up for reward, the only alternatives are totalitarian.

Our so-called freedoms to become isolated, fearful and contribute to genocide and war crimes, is all designed by intention.

Bolstered by fear and additives – an example is Swine flu and vaccines


To be an anti Semite, to voice opposition to the Jews is to voice opposition to our capitalist culture.

While it is true many Jews participate wholeheartedly in supporting Zionism, Israel, the wars etc. In reality they might well be as much fodder as our armed forces are on the ground.

They are lured into the illusion of their special status amongst the humans.

So we have a panacea, to speak of anti Semitism is to be anti speculative, anti Gay and anti alcohol, certainly anti imperialist wars.


And what is wrong with homosexuality? Our entire society is terrorized to laud it, no intellectual or public figure dare say anything against it.

Males absorbing testosterone will create oestrogen, not only altering their psyche, but put in place an addictive craving for more.

No one dare speak against it, yet the majority of people’s instincts are against it.

It is mimicking the control network that exists above us all.

That such people ascend to positions of power, with a craving agenda that every human on earth accept their chosen way of life, leaves little space for ethics.

The indoctrination is now so pervasive that men adopt the lifestyle, who would never have done so otherwise. Similarly it parallels the holocaust religion, or the anti Semitic threshold, in that any voice of opposition will attract an immediate force against it.

There can be no doubt that our culture is involved in horrific war crimes against people who forbid homosexuality, I do not think this is a coincidence.


“It is a Jew’s duty to carry forth the religion”. A little absurd now that most Jews are not religious.

The top of the Jewish totem pole is the printing press of money and interest rates, this is really what Jews are charged with “to carry forward”

Unfortunately it has bred an ethnocentrism by which all others are judged. Ultimately requiring a lot of killing and suffering.


Once you’ve seen inside the Judaica paradigm, chemistry and friendship go out the window, all of one’s life for an eternity is left to pivot on Judaica, discuss it, further it, criticize it … Relationships are only utilitarian.


Our Capitalist cultures are corrupt to the bone. Doubtless this is very desirable as a way of preoccupying everyone with their own concerns.

Islam seems a sacrifice for everyone, yet maybe it is the only answer.

Only a form of strictness, a totalitarianism can overcome the insipid and pervasive dehumanisation that is our current culture.


Disappearing Argentinians has come to us.

The noteworthy Bankers (and here 13 bankers)  and Bio Medics (and here) are noticed when they met unfortunate deaths. But there are many who are not. People who stumbled on knowing too much, or voiced anti Semitism.

It seems nothing will coerce the Jews who implement our financial system and order to consider another way of life. They and their henchmen are so imbued with a pseudo racial superiority. They must think exploitation is in their blood.

It is only by uniting as one that any change can take effect. Which again explains how only a totalitarian system can counter the Jewish depravity that has taken hold of 21st Century Judaica.

No doubt some disaster is beckoning, a Big war or other man made catastrophe, only then might we come to our senses.

Then we might discuss humanity instead of the Jews.

In the meantime, thank god for the internet.

What are the Jews doing? Waging wars, and running Monsanto type corporations that poison the earth.

And what are their concerns? Worship. And ethnocentrism, which means racial superiority.


The Jews are the policemen of Capitalism.

Most Jews and everyone else will gladly accept reward, particularly when the Governing class gives a nod and a wink.

We go off on Genocidal wars but no one is offering remorse or a hint of guilt.

And the Jewish empire is no different, it is just more intense and proactive.


To say you are Jewish means that one upholds a belief in interest rates, debt, and speculation.

By these standards some non-Jews are more Jewish than Jews.

The Rothschilds seem to be at the top of the pyramid, apparently controlling most central banks.

There is obviously an unpublicised alliance with orthodox Jewry, they too have their agenda, but with a tolerance level that is not so high – no criticism is permitted.


If you fail the guard’s litmus test, your days are spent with deviants from morning to night, relentlessly harassed, and pitifully so.

Written by morris

November 9, 2009 at 10:11 am

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