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Instant Messaging (IM) with Gaza at Eid time

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[ 28/11/2009 23:35:15] London: Happy Eid

in Gaza: TO YOU TOO

in Gaza: thanx

London: I saw a video on Eid in Gaza on PressTVs web site: http://www.presstv.ir/default.aspx

in Gaza: are you doing well??

London: I don’t think I am doing well, actually.

in Gaza: why?

London: Well I think I make enemies – I have toooo much to say

in Gaza: god bless u

London: Inshalah

in Gaza: Inshalah

London: God doesn’t always make his presence felt. I do think the birds can have messages. Do you have anything in your culture about birds knowing things, or giving messages?

in Gaza: i know a bird was used to send messages from place to place

we call it hamam alzajel

London: But I think the birds for sending messages are trained by humans

in Gaza: right

first the humans take them to the place which they want to send messages to

then they take them back tieing the message on their feet and then let them fly

London: Yes we call them “homing pigeons”, they have competitions with them – the enthusiasts..

in Gaza: aha

London: Have you been busy???

in Gaza: last days ? We were thinking of Sacrificing – in the feast

in Gaza: and my brother and o did it yesterday

London: Sacrificing an animal???

in Gaza: right

this is what all the moslems do in aladha feast

don’t u know about it?

London: This video is called travelers for eid

in Gaza: don’t u know about it?

London: Not very much, sort of hear about it every year, Islamic culture is starting to make a bigger impact in recent years, but it really is kept away from Western Mainstream Media

in Gaza: aha –

it is along story –

but one of the past messengers called (Ibrahim) Peace upon him

dreamed that he is killing his son

and when he wakes up he deals with the dream as an order from Allah

cause the messengers dreams are already messages from Allah

so he tell his son that i saw my self killing u

his son says “dad do what ever u are ordered to do”

when Ibrahim peace upon him started and want to kill his son

Gebril who is an angel responsible for delivering the messages from Allah and the messengers

came from the sky telling Ibrahim that Allah wants to save your son and sends you this goat to Sacrifice it

and it became an order for all on this day to do so even in cows or camels

this day named aladha feast

and there is some conditions for Sacrificing

that’s it

London: I really enjoyed the story – even though often I do not remember later, it has drama because the unexpected happens, and there is a similarity with Hindus from India, because they have someone called Narada, who is a messenger from God.

in Gaza: Narada


I DON’T hear about him before

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Written by morris

November 29, 2009 at 9:27 am

Khalid Amayreh Video: Demographics demands a dignified peace settlement now

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“Within 5 years there will be as many Palestinians as Jews in Mandatory Palestine. In 20 years there will be 600 million Muslims around Israel”

“Demographics are working against Israel, therefore it is in Israel’s interest to make a dignified peace settlement with the palestinians now.”


Written by morris

November 27, 2009 at 12:06 am

Human nature is inherently good but …

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The proof: In the people’s reactions and anyone viewing this video.



But we have a group of scoundrels creating havoc. If we accept it is happening abroad, why can’t we accept it is happening here.



False flags, betrayal, vaccines – anything to insure mayhem, fear and lack of fraternity…

Written by morris

November 26, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Judaica battles with everyone

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There is a battle between Judaica and, well a lot of other ideologies.


It is currently Islam, in the past it has been the Soviets and the Nazis.


It seems to be a battle between Jewish private capitalism and any alternatives.


The Soviets were brought down relatively peacefully, and the Nazis not.


Now Islam is being shown no mercy.


We observe the banksters, with bailouts and bonuses, yet this usury is also ever present in our daily lives. As much as the bonuses are diverted towards overseas mercenary activities they are also used to corrupt local power in our own societies.


What is required to combat the rule of the few over so many others?

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Written by morris

November 24, 2009 at 11:31 pm

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The staged photos of Netanyahu’s stumbling at sea

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.The pic


(originally from Haaretz)


Israeli censorship is second to none, at least as good as North Korea’s.


Every journalist working within Israel is required to be accredited by the Israeli Government Press Office. Most applications are just formal, but the office is allowed to deny applications based on political or security considerations



Netanyahu was on a military boat, with the head of the Israeli military, the chances of him having bodyguards and only officially accredited photographers are certain. And the photos are taken from close up. They are not long telephoto shots from afar.

So the pictures are as good as “official press releases” from the Prime Minister’s office. Even if the Navy pilot was instructed to accelerate just as he was to board another boat.

.The pics from:
Mao Zedong’s 1966 Swim of the Yangtze


That begs the question: What is the message?

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Written by morris

November 20, 2009 at 9:30 am

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A crash? also Sarah Palin on Jews leaving the USA

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We’ve never known a catastrophic crash.

We’ve seen recessions and maybe a depression. But there is something precipitous about a crash.

According to Jung and parapsychology it is already in everyone’s subconscious. Perhaps on the surface many of us are concerned with maintaining order, but like a landslide, a rockfall, a deluge – there are unstoppable events.

Not being a TV watcher, instead a frequenter of conspiracy and alternative web sites, I was quite horrified that by chance I heard the 6.00 o’clock news in the UK. Essentially one horrific murder after another, probably they wouldn’t even make it into the national news in the USA.

But in our holistic earth, we are seeing mankind go mad, across the board, and in every way…

Insolvent insurance companies, fort Knox empty, man-made pathogens, too many sparks waiting to happen.

Sarah Palin says the Jews will be leaving the USA very soon, and she says it deliberately. (Always have to add a Jewish angle) I guess the Israelis will be happy about that: supporting demography and Israel’s raison d’etre….


Islam will inevitably be the friend of the Zionists, cause the West will be less forgiving for the wholesale barbarity brought on by the Israel firsters.

Let’s all say a eulogy for the humanist Jews, the ones relentlessly persecuted, gagged, defamed by the murderous oligarchy that rules.

Written by morris

November 19, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Zionism? Hedge your bets

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The majority of people have turned against Zionism (with frightening speed), including the majority of Jews outside Israel. Then what is left for the oligarchs of finance and media to do? To also shed the zionism.

The cavalcade of anti zionist sentiment, often highlighted in the Israeli press, is surely striking home.


Where will this leave the die hard settlers and neocon backers? Out in the lurch is the answer.

Well known is the politician’s ability to turn on a dime, less well known is the same abillity for the Oligarchs and even the religious.

After all they rule over populations, that abide by neither religion nor free market economies. And how will these oligarchs deal with their brethren, those extremists in the West Bank, who actually believe in a Greater Israel.

I think at the very top of Judaic power a decision has been made to abandon Zionism, for the sake of keeping Jewish identity and power. They know whites are still the dominant economic class in post apartheid South Africa.


And all the zionist control of our institutions will have to be transfered to other hegemonic goals, yet still enshrine the same people.

All that can go wrong with this plan is a war, and who would start that???? The lunatic rightwing Israelis would, and they want to do it in the name of all of the Jews. The Israeli PM is relaying the message that all Jews are part of this Mafia, and they are ready to enforce it, speaking just a week ago 9-9-09, Netanyahu said:

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Written by morris

November 18, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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