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Israel is struggling for survival

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For the very first time?

what went wrong.

The struggle is now for legitimacy? That Israel has a philosophy that makes sense.

gaza legitimised jews as nazis


Is all the trouble because of the Gaza war? No, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If it had not been Gaza, it would have been somewhere else.

shoes downing st A_shell_fired_by_the_Isra_001 palestinians_mocking_peace_mr_fish


The Goldstone inquiry is being fought tooth and nail. There is something about it that deligitimates Isreal’s raison for being.

bibi change laws


The more it protests, getting Abass to delay the vote, now trying to change international law, the more Israel sinks into the abyss.


She doesn’t know which way to turn, like burrowing into a hole. Probably because everything has been conducted in secret and by conspiracy. A form of “natural” democracy is taking place, it has nothing to do with voting.




For the first time it seems that making a war is not even a solution.

.Gaza UN


Russia showed its colours when it voted for a UN inquiry into Israel’s war crimes.


And Russia has a military presence in Syria. Apart from which Israel has lost its last two wars, also in Georgia, and is losing its Iraq and Afghan wars too.


israel is  a  nazi state.

In reality worse than Gaza has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that is no defense …

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October 21, 2009 at 12:59 am

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