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Muslims should thank the Jews for making them attractive.

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I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with the Jewish religion, I doubt if there is.

But take a look at what is ‘going down’.

An ant army hell bent on undermining any modicum of decency in the human spirit. From genocidal wars to occupation, deception to theft, spiking to torture.
There is an irony in the Jewish concern for respectability, that Jews appear as a united family etc. When the reality is filled with devious conspiracies.
If the Jews feel one of them is betraying their ‘respectable’ image, the hapless humanist will be inundated with deviants, remorselessly, relentlessly and vindictively, with a lot of spiking, ID’s being stolen, and loved ones ‘taken care of’. No fingerprints is the only guiding principle.
How do these respectable Jews know all the deviants in town? And in the answer appears reality.
Couldn’t a chief Rabbi pronounce a Fatwa that sexual humiliation is illegal. The use of sex in furthering hegemonic aims is legendary, from providing it, to inviting Ron Paul to a set up in a Hotel room.  And I am frequented by transsexuals, all orchestrated by those attending synagogues. And didn’t Abu Ghraib happen on the Jewish watch? And how many Abu Ghraibs are there?

The cacophony against Jewish rule is getting louder by the day, although channelled at Zionism. It seems apparent that no body within the Jewish establishment can clean up the act.
The Judaic system of personal responsibility, interest rates etc, actually could have worked, but the reality is far from that. There is no free press, no free market and no meritocracy.
Just mafias, and a mass culture based on alcohol and a meat market. Everywhere fear is pumped at the isolated individual.
Consequently a societal Frankenstein has been born. For the Sheppard’s to control the herd endless external wars and enemies are required. Now that we are being collectively bankrupted expect a Frankenstein society to become unruly.
The Jewish Prison
Every Jew knows about being on the wrong side. Even the ones preaching morality are driven to do so cause they’ve seen the darkness.
But there is no where to run – the Saudis have the ‘Family Police’, the East German’s had the Stazi, and the Jews have theirs.
The Good Jew shouts out – it is all wrong – and the Bad gather round, and they say – look there are good Jews.
Well there is no running away.
We are all victims of a world gone wrong
An ex US presidential speech writer speculates the military might take over in a bloodless coup in the US.  That would surely save us.
Now only deviance and hypocrisy rules. Both are surrounded by armed thugs.
They point to ancient rituals as if that could clean the soul.
Kharma is going to clean our souls.
And we are waging genocidal wars, based on false pretences without a view to a way out.
So it is all going to boomerang around and come and get us, either by our own fodder of wounded souls, or enemies might actually come from far away, who knows.
We have no leaders, no free press, and we are left in fear and hapless.
While we witness the power mongers buy time with this or that spin or bailout
The ‘Jewish identity thing’ in secular times was anyway hyped, a useful tool in the armoury of those at the top of the pyramid. Causing people to become fanatically supremacist in order to fulfil a false sense of identity. For sure there is a ‘Jewish culture’ but when adorned with ancient hereditary ancestors and a religion of the holocaust, then all humanism, all sense of being similar to others vanishes.
We can only hope for a peaceful revolution, that has nothing to with the idea of Judonia‘s chosen.
Surely we could all embrace Islamic laws, and still remain English, Christians, Buddhists, and hell yes, Jews too.

Written by morris

October 12, 2009 at 10:45 am

4 Responses

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  1. “For sure there is a ‘Jewish culture’ but when adorned with ancient hereditary ancestors and a religion of the holocaust, then all humanism, all sense of being similar to others vanishes.”

    You are right, Morris; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Look, it’s as if you’ve left the bedroom door open on a family argument that the Gentiles can look in on and hear. The temptation for some in there is to walk over and slam the door shut so the work of getting everyone on board to take more from those outside can commence. Of course, the Anglo-Saxons do it too. Here’s the deal though.

    It’s good that the door is open, and frankly, the family argument actually extends to the whole human race no matter what some rabbis say about only the “Jews” being human and everyone else being beasts, etc. Such rabbis are just the abused being abusers. That’s what we all must overcome. It’s what Hitler failed to overcome.

    It’s interesting that I discovered Foster Bailey (Alice Bailey’s second husband) wrote that Hitler was put up by the Theosophy types (Illuminati, bankers). The pattern is there for anyone to see. Bailey wasn’t just puffing. The Thule Society and all the rest was really there in Hitler’s rise and still has all of its roots all over the place (morphed a bit but still there).

    The Pharisees were/are mystery religionists too, and I don’t mean just Jesus-metaphysics. I mean that they really never knew the spirit.

    Anyway, God is a humanist if one defines the terms correctly. There is spirit, and in my book, God wants what is best for humans. It’s humans who insist upon stealing each other’s inheritance and brattily refusing to apologize for misunderstanding each other.

    Your post is packed. There’s so much there that so many people just would have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s not your fault of course.

    Lastly, are you thinking that beings from outer space could arrive when you say that “enemies might actually come from far away”?

    Blessings to all,


    Tom Usher

    October 13, 2009 at 9:55 am

  2. Hi Morris,

    I worked up a post/reply combination that’s too long for a comment on another person’s blog without asking first.

    Thanks for understanding.


    Tom Usher

    October 13, 2009 at 9:16 am

  3. Hello Morris,

    It had occurred to me some time ago that you have been contemplating becoming a Muslim. Aiming for the standard of Mohammed may be appealing since it is so much easier to reach. If everyone were to live on that level though, it wouldn’t result in pure righteousness that is perfect justice.

    Before deciding, I highly recommend that you read the Qur’an and the Bible, including the New Testament if you haven’t already. In fact, I suggest you start with the Gospel of John (very slowly and deliberately).

    I would be more than happy to correspond with you on any of it without any heavy-handed proselytizing – just doing my best to answer any questions you become moved to ask.

    You know, the Old Testament is full of people of all walks arguing over what is right from wrong and which spirit is or is not the right one to follow.

    Have you read Job? If you haven’t or if it’s been a while and it’s faded, try reading it and dwelling on the transition after the young Elihu speaks. He foreshadowed the theme of forgiveness that conquered Satan in that story. To me, it’s fascinating. Job was restored two-fold without resorting to wrath. It’s a huge point in the Bible that seems all but ignored. I see it pointing straight at Jesus who enhanced the theme all the more.

    Then, compare that with bloody warfare in the Bible and also with Mohammed. Bloody warfare, which even David glorified, just is as total darkness by comparison.

    As for your post, I think you have done a great deal of soul searching. You’re very nearly staring the Satanic spirit straight in the eye. It’s so shifty though.

    As you know, Orthodox Jews who once shunned Zionism are now embracing it and even on the way to dominating it. Certain versions of the Talmud make the worst passages of the Qur’an look like milquetoast. The things that many Talmudic rabbis call for Jews to do to none Jews is no better than the Nazis depicting every Jew as infested, rabid sewer rats and then exterminating as many as possible. It’s an evil spell.

    There are Jews and Gentiles alike with beautiful hearts. They just don’t get the limelight because the hard-hearted just push decent people away from shining the spotlight on the good. The decent souls, contrary to all being stupid sheeple, as some call them, just don’t want to become as the enemy.

    What we need to do is stand our ground that souls who don’t want to fall to hard-heartedness are right.

    Anyway, if you do choose Islam, bear in mind that Allah doesn’t allow any further conversions. You don’t get to change your mind back or to Jesus.

    Peace, Morris (I care.)

    Tom Usher
    Real Liberal Christian Church

    Tom Usher

    October 12, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    • Hi Tom,

      I believe the ancients were wiser than us.

      I am not fond of organised religion.

      The end of my post said people can still remain Christian, Buddhist etc.

      Just adopt some Sharia law:

      No Speculation, Homosexuality or Alcohol

      Yes the Hard Hearted are showing me Satan’s soul.

      If we ever glimpsed into the souls of the Lieutenants running this capitalism, I think Sharia law might look attractive and liberate a lot of souls.

      Peace to you Tom


      October 12, 2009 at 10:13 pm

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