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AfPak the straw that broke imperialism

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The sacrifice for Afghanistan

Afgha Poppy fields

Afghan Poppy fields


We all see the Taliban getting stronger. Who is helping them? Some revenue from the poppy fields, yes. But most likely the ISI; Pakistan’s intelligence service.


Over 90% of the Pakistani population is firmly against US foreign policy. They see frequent US drone attacks against Pakistan, mostly killing innocents, as is now the norm for our imperialist forces.


And there are increasing reports on how the US is trying to balkanise Pakistan. Why wouldn’t a loyal Pakistani intelligence service see strengthening the Taliban in Afghanistan as the only way to thwart the US agenda of destabilising Pakistan?


US Plans Will Lead To A Pakistani Civil War


Tuesday, 29 September 2009.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The US design to destabilize Pakistan is becoming clearer by the day, even for the most blinkered Pakistani.


As the US continues to be stalemated in Afghanistan, it has sought to move the centre of gravity of the “war on terror” to Pakistan.  Initially it was assumed that this shift would be restricted to FATA, but now it is evident that the US is seeking to engulf the whole of Pakistan in an asymmetric conflict, which will eventually pit the people against the state, especially the military.




We hear the hype, “militants could gain control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons“. Well creating an alliance between Pakistan’s all powerful ISI and the militants could create a self fulfilling prophecy.


It is all a war designed by Zionists and also in Israel, to contain Iran, get the natural resources, stop them marrying their cousins and manifest Gay liberation. The Israeli Think Tanks are trained on subduing a once flaccid Palestinian population. The same brains that brought the Georgia, Lebanon and Gaza wars, none of which were successful.




Constant total endless war – it can only end in disaster. Western soldiers as fodder, and harassment for the dissidents. To be patriotic now means to ‘hate’ a faraway people.




And the contractors, the mercenaries, now outnumber the troops.



The Chess game continues, we buy out Georgia, Ukraine, the Poles etc. But what about China, Japan and Russia?


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The final day was, in some ways, the worst. During nearly four weeks on assignment in Afghanistan and the surrounding region, I didn’t see a single person get seriously hurt or killed. That changed on a last mission, with an Air Force rescue team. A British soldier had his hand and his foot blown off, just outside of the air field here. The rescue squad quickly scooped him out of the minefield, saving his life. But that soldier will never recover from Afghanistan. The danger room October 2, 2009

Written by morris

October 5, 2009 at 10:33 am

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