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Throughout our recession we hear that the banks are not lending, people are not borrowing, and the US and British Govts are borrowing like crazy.
All this indebtednes should be an embarassment, the gall of beckoning people to borrow more as if it is good for them.
It makes Marx sound correct that Capitalism will just cease to function.


Obama’s health care is just a coercement to enrich the insurance companies with compulsory premiums.
Jewish theory (I am no scholar) thinks that freedom is allowing a Man to exersize freewill.
Albeit when given choices. “Man” because all ancient belief systems are sexist.
So now Men are free to choose to get into debt, be Gay, be Alcoholics, and to be speculators.


The theory might sound good – but the reality is quite a different thing. People with common interests seem to naturally band together. And as self interest has necessatated continious expansion, so Islam has appeared as an obstacle.


We are led to believe the bonuses, the bailouts and the premiums are going into peoples pockets. Not really, they are being syphoned off to conquer Islam. Maybe some Sheik’s pockets get lined on the way. But being at the top is also an inglorious mafioso network. Seemingly ruled by Zionists.


Currently the only thing everyone agrees with is that the end times are approaching.
We watched the Soviet system collapse, now it is our turn. The Soviets had a philosophy and a very educated public.
Mind you, Yeltsin types, Mafias and Oligarchs soon surfaced.


The US is crashing, so is the dollar, Israel’s reputation is in free fall.
Old mantras of hating seem more and more shallow. Maybe Czars in the White House and the City of London will manage to bring Iran to its knees, maybe not. Either way the game is up. The Fed, the Fiat money, the borrowing culture, the need to keep everyone in fear and isolated, the soap show of our political parties, and the false flags.


We remain in a tower of babel unable to focus on or find a solution. Only evil and spin is getting a say. We have had a Jewish “era”.
It was a free for all, talk of “wrong” was replaced with red lines and degrees, money laundering was okay, Kydney selling not.


The big worry for some, is are all the Jews going to get guillotined, or will the world buy that some Jews are good?

The Nazis let Freud go. And on that subject, suddenly Hitler is getting more favourable reviews, at least on the internet, did he really want a World War? And he got Germany out of debt.
I know he was a baddy, so was the Ayotallah Khomenei. Right? Well Khomenei decreed that the Jews were to be protected.
And Iranian Jews wont go to Israel, even with financial inducements.


If the ruling Jews (including the Zionists) want to get things right, the only hope is the truth.
Spin has kept some cliques in power, but it can’t last, perhaps because of technology or that buffoons have been allowed to rise to the top.


In our discovery of fertilisers, food became abundant, and consumer items flourished due to the 2nd WW industries and Jewish mercantalism.
In the ever increasing abundance we assumed our system worked. Only to wake up to False Flags, Enforced poisonous vaccinations and war crimes.
With social mores and communities collapsing.


Every thinker is saying this or that is a wake up call – Nobody seems able to stop the war machine – And all questioning voices are harassed and defamed.

Written by morris

September 29, 2009 at 12:20 am

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