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Why is Christ Denial not Holocaust Denial?

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The voice of the Jewish People, their paper quotes Holocaust deniers.

Am I reading too much into this? Granted the article is about removing a holocaust denying blog, nevertheless this is traditionally such a taboo subject, it does seem a turnaround in attitude might be under way, even if by way of reverse psychology.



Buchanan’s Holocaust denial forum disappears

He [Buchanan] also provides some excerpts from the forum “which is replete with references to the ‘Holohoax” and “Holocaustianity.'”

Among the gems featured there are the following:


—“I would like to see some rebuttal from Holocaust believers. Let’s see some pictures of those gas chambers or those big cremation ovens. I’ll tell you right now – THEY DON’T EXIST. The same blinded people that believe that the Germans intentionally killed Jews – also believe the myth of the Anne Frank Diary.”

—“As anyone reads the various articles that have been posted here, they will have to realize that there simply were not gas chambers or mass crematoriums at any of the German internment camps.”




And from a seemingly pro zionist web site: Well he is so far right it seems he was deported from Israel. Anyway don’t know who he is but his blog came up in the automatic linking.

Is Christ-denial a hate crime?

By David Ben-Ariel

Why do Jews (generally speaking) continue to give themselves a bad name by always seeking to ban or crucify any real or imagined sites or people who dare to disagree with them? Don’t such crusades simply throw fuel on the fires of those who correctly make reference to disproportional Jewish influence and power?

What will Jews do when it is a hate crime to deny Yeshua is the Messiah? …

We either have freedoms of speech and religion and agree to disagree or we don’t and everybody will suffer for it.




ps. See this for Christ denial:

Jesus in five other cultures


Even Uri Avnery although a peace activist is still very very much an Israeli. And appeals to believers in Israel, in his recent post flirted with holocaust denial themes:


HOWEVER, ALL these lies are nothing compared to trivializing the Holocaust.

In some countries, that is a criminal offense, punishable by prison. The trivializing has many guises. For example: the assertion that the gas chambers never existed. Or: that not six million Jews were killed, but only six hundred thousand. But the most dangerous form of minimizing is the comparison of the Holocaust to passing events, thus turning it into “a detail of history”, as Jean-Marie Le-Pen infamously put it.



Is Judaism about to ‘Get Real’?

Will myths be shed?

Khazars? The Fed? Jihadists? Islamofascists? False Flags? Interest rates? The chosen?

Where will it end?

Could Jews just be like everyone else?

We can thank the Net for any alteration in consciousness.

Maybe people have been listening to Norman Finkelstein (Who was also deported from Israel) or Avrum Burg:



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