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Video: Ron Paul talking about The Wars and Money

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There has been quite a few bloggers talking about Obama now appearing the same as Bush. And despairing at how the politicians are corrupt.

Perhaps the British MPs now embroiled in an expenses controversy actually considered withdrawing from these wars, or to take on the Banksters. Only to discover a campaign to discredit them all.

In the US any congressmen listening to Ron Paul must be saying to themselves: it is all true, I wish I could say that.

Anyway the answer is that we are controlled by people who hate Islam, that is more important than any nation.

Video uploaded to Youtube  dated 15 May


HatTip for videolink: europebusines.blogspot.com


All the newspaper headlines here in the UK (which has obviously decapitated the parliament):




Missing word is: "Cheat"

Missing word is: "Cheat" MPs



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May 18, 2009 at 1:22 am

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