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Why did God put the Oil under the Muslims?

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Or, from an ‘earth mysteries’ (esoteric) perspective, did the people evolve a culture from the nature of their underground resources?

It is uncanny how much hydrocarbons are in Islamic territory.



[This is a large pdf of Pipeline wars, removed the anti Israeli rhetoric and there is no link to original.]


The war on the Muslims is often displayed as a fight for the oil resources. And while many will go with this fight, there are also many people saying it is an ideological and theological struggle.

I’d say it is all three: Resources, Ideological and Theological, and it is a marriage of convenience, each group can hide behind the other.

Yet the players in any one of those three departments are so zealous, they would happily fight for conquest alone.

It appears to me Islam in its most strict forms (Wahabi and Taliban?) is the antithesis of western hedonism. And hedonism is the fruit that is offered with the NeoCon sticks of dynamite.

Then there is a softer mystical form of Islam in the Sufis. Khomenei was a Sufi. The only differences between Shia and Sunni that I [think I] know are Sunnis appoint their holy men, Like the Christians and the Jews, but in the Shia faith anyone can be a holy man.

In Islam like in Catholicism and orthodox Judaism a man and a womans role in life are different, only Men can be in the preisthood.

Then in the West we have a secular society where the defense of gender bending has taken on a religious fervour.

So when some blogger says the war on terror is just for the oil, or for Zionist hegemony, or for secularising the Muslims, any and all answers are correct.

Just who is running our societies is a little mysterious. Surely the Bankers and creators of money must have ultimate power, yet they cannot cross the religious, because as we know, for some people ‘in the name of God’ anything is acceptable. Then the upholders of hedonism must at least make up the henchmen.

All a puzzle as we march to oblivion.

Forgive me if I made any factual mistakes

Written by morris

May 14, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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