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I hope I do not lose readers from this post – no one wants to hear whining .

What is the obsession with Gay rights? Hardly a day goes by without a political or legal pronouncement furthering Gay rights.

The Jews have deemed that I have to spend my life shaking hands with Gays, they have also insured that I have been pumped full of Estrogen, and it is continuing. And apart from the natural effluent from birth control use, I would be flabbergasted if Estrogen was not being added to our water supplies. It is cheap enough, and the craving for celebrating homosexuality is beyond anything else.

I have been given a life sentence, like Demanjek (or whatever the alleged Nazi war criminal’s name is). Decades of harassment. When all I have to do is participate in the rape of mankind. Sell weapons, crime, you name it, or at least offer pride in Judaism or Israel. No freedom to say what is.

I doubt if the religious Jews partake in homosexuality, although I really don’t know, yet there must be some people who are in power who are gay. Maybe in secular society we are secretly run by Gays? It should offer the best of male cooperation. And is one explanation for the fervent championing that is necessary by all.

It would also explain the war on Islam. Islam by definition is homophobic. Possibly by instinct many people are, but this is not a right, in fact it is forbidden. Everyone should champion same sex relationships.

Zionism places homosexuality very high up in priorities. There are countless articles on Gay Palestinians and Arabs who are assisted by Israelis.


If it is a right to be Gay, can’t it be a right to like it or not? Homophobia is now a sickness and a crime. As we conquer Iraq, Afghanistan and next Pakistan, Gay rights is surely high on the agenda.

A million dead Iraqis. And nobody knows what they are fighting for.

It is a strange story, a heterosexual man is attracted to women, and Gay men want to be there.

There is nothing live and let live going on. Only demonic, requiring killing, torture, disfiguring and perversion at the highest ranks. Stitching up for anyone who doesn’t take orders.

No one says it better than another blogger, and what people are divining such orders?:


The Body, the Conduit, the Vehicle…

Bomb, arrest, detain, imprison, chain – constrict the space. Then, direct your personal attack on the “other”, that “living beast” — beat, lash, strike, whip, wound, burn, break, smash, sodomize, rape, piss on, defecate on, shoot, kill — the Body.

El-Cuerpo. The Centre point. Flesh of flesh. Dig into the matter of the Flesh…

Entries, openings, cavities, orifices, holes — mouth, anus, vagina, ears, eyes, nostrils…where sensations move in and out, circulate, float, exchange, grasp, perceive, register, memorize, transmit, receive, give…

Invade and Occupy the senses.  –more–


I could not care less what people do amongst themselves, but I am required to propagate a belief I do not share. And to appear as something I am not, I’ll spare you the details.

I am also being disfigured physically through the spiking of Estrogen, yes life is stranger than fiction.

Wouldn’t the Gestapo have done the same thing?

It is a rather sordid formula, break all naturally occurring relationships and insist on Gay ones. It has been going on almost daily for three years across different borders, before that My Mother (A fan of Cheney) had to tell me everything I did or said – for ten years. It became a matter for the Mossad. Revenge, vendetta, ….

Don’t cross the Jews

Support Zionism

Jane Harman (right) and Israeli Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik in Israel

Jane Harman (right) and Israeli Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik in Israel

Picture from:


It is time for the end of Jewish rule.

It is time for the end of Jewish rule.

I can’t believe Jewish rule has anything to do with Jewishness. Who knows what sordid people are pulling the strings?

There is not a crevice in our societies which is not privy to Jewish rule. Pretty dangerous stuff to post, what would you do?

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May 4, 2009 at 2:49 am

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