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When the Jews became spiritual

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When Jewish rule ended – no one was happier than the Jews. They had time to discover life instead of ethnocentricity.

For the first time they could feel a part of humanity, the same like everyone else. Ended were the days to conspire against all others.

They lost rule through having been taken over by extremists. Perpetuating wars, criminality and deviance had become a Jewish prerogative.

Some people – the Zionist supporters in the diaspora, and the immigrants in Israel were a little dumb struck by the sudden fall from power. But all in all it was a welcome new era.

The Pariahs became the new leaders.

No longer were Israeli military advisers required in far off lands. Regime change for other people didn’t matter. Now Israelis could take ‘genuine’ holidays.

The demolishing of the myth of a racial continuum from Biblical times was a liberation, it actually strengthened the Jewish identity.Strangely the Jews became leaders in revealing a non racial, non religious and non racial tribal identity. And in that revelation so too the need to continually undermine secular society vanished.

Judaism was recognised for what it only ever was: a cultural heritage that had nothing to do with blood.

It all coincided with the fall of the Fed. This was never explained. But somehow a neck brace was released. Torture and foreign wars vanished, Palestinians were allowed back home and Israel let go of the occupied territories. Israelis went overland to Damascus, not to corrupt, but to learn from the Arabs.

Many myths were revealed, Pollard was in fact an American patriot. The mainstream press was no longer. Although religion with its innate hierarchy went out of fashion, it was replaced with a quasi Buddhist / American Indian philosophy. Suddenly nature and natural forces contained a spirituality. With the vanishing need to subdue foreign people so also vanished the need to re-concoct nature. The torture of nature ended. Monsanto and Bio warfare Labs evaporated.

And the fear of all fears never materialized. There was not a holocaust. And only because the Jewish elite let go of power

Mankind’s march into technological consumption took a battering. The ecological sustainability had anyway been impossible. The Jewish Neo Liberal free trade globalisation had only meant China had become the factory of the world. Leaving the West to be vicious Barbarians conquering other peoples resources.

The Geo Political situation changed. NATO disintegrated – you could say Afghanistan killed it. No military exercises were required in Georgia. Israel’s foreign Minister had nothing to say about Pakistan or Iran. And Iran did prove to be a power base, preaching its anarchic form of Islam. Many Jews took an interest in Mystical Islam, the Sufis, but they never lost their Jewishness.

And the Puppet states like Egypt were overtaken by the people.

You could say the Jews discovered spirituality. No longer were Israelis required to be policemen of the world, no more interrogations, no more undermining, no more ‘smile as you are doing something else’, no more discrediting of the opposition …

The game was anyway over

Written by morris

May 2, 2009 at 11:25 am

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