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NATO starts a conflict in Georgia, Pandemic alert for Martial law, why not?

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As we watch America implode, and rarely is the war on terror stated as the reason for the bankruptcy, we witness a new pandemic scare.

The laws are in place to declare martial law, to prevent people gathering in public places. Is Mexico a ‘dry run’, an experiment? In Mexico (city at least) people are being told to stay at home, restaurants are only allowed to serve ‘take aways’. Is that what is coming to us?

Tamiflu is now available over the counter in New Zealand, and it is not a vaccination, it just lessens flu symptoms. And it is from a Rumsfeld gang company.

The following is from yesterday:

Today, the New Zealand Herald has reported this:

Tamiflu is available without prescription from today until September, but it will cost flu sufferers at least $60.

A full course of the unsubsidised drug, which is available over the counter for people showing flu symptoms, is priced at between $60 and $80.   –source–


There is some fascinating info about the pandemic scare over at http://abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread459795/pg1 : Japan was inoculating Pigs with Avian vaccination in 2005. And all the laws are in place to deny citizens any rights in the event of a health emergency.

Implosion of our system is inevitable, probably due to to our unsustainable way of living. How many ‘tricks’ will be played out before reality hits home?

One lie requires many more to cover it up, and by analogy one catastrophic mistaken government policy (war on terror) requires many more. Bringing the troops home and ending hegemonic ambitions is such an obvious cure. Yet Capitalism’s elite will solve Western bankruptcy with false flags and false scares.

A potential conflict is brewing in Georgia. The vested interests might have lost the war with Russia, maybe they are not prepared to let it go. There is a very lucrative oil pipeline that goes through Georgia which transports Azerbaijani oil, and Cheney et al have been a part of the US Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce.

Look at the list of past and present directors and advisers : James Baker III, Zbigniew Brzezinskiz, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu, James A. Baker, IV, Dick Cheney

Next weeks NATO in Georgia maneuvers are the only thing on the immediate horizon to coincide with the opportunities of a pandemic.

There have been opposition demonstrations trying to bring down the Shakasvilli government. If a military flashpoint happens there during the NATO maneuvers, expect a pandemic scare requiring us all to stay at home.

Georgia warns of Russian anti-NATO action

Russia might take provocative action when NATO war games start in Georgia next week, Georgian ambassador to the US, Batou Koutelia, has said.

“When we see at the highest political level, the president of the Russian federation (Dmitry Medvedev) declares that he views these exercises as a provocation directed against Russian interests and they are prepared to act, it raises concerns that there might be some provocations,”  […]

The Georgian diplomat, who has recently arrived in Washington from Tbilisi where he was the deputy defense minister, said this time the Georgian reaction would be different.

“If it happens, we are determined to have reactions together with our partners and allies, NATO member countries, United States. And we will have a joint reaction on this,” he said.   –more–


And how does NATO start a conflict in Georgia? With a false flag …

And how illogical have all the other conflicts been over the last few years?

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May 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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