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6 Reasons for Israel to be angry with Obama

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We know we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, all we see are press conferences, spokesmen and photo ops.



April 28, 2009

Talks on Iranian corridor for US troops, supplies to Afghanistan on fast track

Barack Obama’s plans […] formally asking Tehran to permit the passage to Afghanistan of fresh US troops, weapons and supplies across Iranian territory.


April 28, 2009

Washington to cut Iran in on Nabucco pipeline

Washington is ceding Tehran the chance to feed its natural gas into the 3,000 kilometer-long Nabucco pipeline project (from the Caspian to the EU via Turkey).


April 26, 2009

NATO member Turkey and Syria hold first joint military exercise

Washington’s approval underscores its new policy of boosting the strength of the Syrian army as a partner in a strong three-way military coalition with Turkey and Lebanon


April 22, 2009

Israel shocked by Obama’s approval of large Turkish arms sale to Lebanon

Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope


April 18, 2009

Obama’s charm offensive for radical rulers abandons Israel to Iranian threat

Barack Obama has set his sights and heart on friendship with the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their…


April 4, 2009

US Awards Iran Role as Military Partner, Sells Israel Short

Israel’s chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, then visiting Washington, was denied interviews with US defense secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the US chiefs of staff Adm. Mike Mullen.

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