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Swine Flu Pandemic, Geo political scaremongering?

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Regarding the Swine Flu – If the talk of Bio-warfare gets a hearing, then talk of geo-politics is surely a valid discussion.

It is often said John F Kennedy was assassinated as he was trying to dismantle the Fed. In fact Kennedy’s administration started printing dollar notes, not the Fed’s.

Kennedy also wanted to dismantle the CIA in favour of the Peace Corp.

Gaddafi recently stated there is a risk that Obama will be assassinated. And we just saw that Obama shook hands with an archeologist who died the next day. How close can a person get?

Underneath our war on terror has been theological concerns regarding Islam. The mentionable differences are probably: No speculation, alcohol or homosexuality.

And so there can be many alliances formed against honouring the Muslim nations. Apart from them sitting on a lot of natural resources.

The Obama Administration has been warming to Hizbollah, Hamas and many others.

And a Muslim alliance from Turkey to Pakistan has long been predicted on this blog, maybe it is closer now than ever.

All the while the Likudniks in Israel are alienating even the (so called) moderate Arabs.

The Likud in Israel and the Neocons are the same family, Obama came in but the old order hasn’t left, and does not want to. And the cries for justice regarding the torturing are also too much for them.

In recent days Obama has spoken out against Holocaust deniers and for Gay rights. So he is not totally out of order with our Gov’ners…

And Obama’s press conference after a hundred days in office is NOT going to be aired on the NeoCon Fox News network, instead they are going to show a program called the ‘Lie’. Now isn’t that a message? ‘We rather the people watch a lie than hear the Pres?’

I no longer  believe in any democracy I have witnessed, British or American, so Obama is not anyone I chose to worship or have had high hopes for. But as it turns out I can see his Admin has tried to change things.

Is the Swine Flu a threat of what could be??? If the Obama Admin tries too much change?

Swine Flu is reputed to have a one week incubation period. So what is ahead of us is truly unknown.

There clearly IS a lot of hype. It takes two, the readers and the MSM (MainStream Media). Recalling the Millennium bug, the AIDS scare, 9/11 and the Iraq war – how the entire population was  whipped up into a frenzy – and none of the scares turned out to be what was said. But now we are all much cleverer.

What do the peoples adversaries get out of exploiting the fear factor? The NWO types. What wool is being pulled over our eyes while something else is going on? When we are all buying face masks and forbidden to meet in public, or touch each other – will Iran get bombed? Who knows?

Will a forced vaccination effort turn us all into zombies?

The real problem is the henchmen, if only some of those ‘in the know’ doing the dirty deeds would stop doing them. But they are all over a barrel their families would be punished. That is certain.

Rather like a person couldn’t leave the Cosa Nostra, which is a good analogy. Because there are groups of people acting in concert above the law.

whatreallyhappened linked to a story of  boy who has the Swine Flu but did not pass it on to anyone else.

The article is referring to victims being near a pharmaceutical lab. This could explain how there are high occurances in New Zealand as well…

Our corporatism grew out of small businesses and capitalism, now the corporations are charged with messing with nature. GM, Cloning, Viruses, Chemtrails, factory farming etc.

If we can turn the scaremongering around to question our ‘system of living’ then there’s something positive. If we can raise the alarm bells everytime a new ‘scare’ is presented.

Maybe this quote sums up part of our situation:

the pandemic is but a natural manifestation of what is being seen in the global financial markets, where some investors have railed against the excesses of Western countries borrowing well beyond their means to fund a lifestyle that proved unsustainable  –source–


We are tottering to the end – it even feels orchestrated – as if the powers that be are inducing it.

Here is a German Newspaper:

Bild commented that the German government’s 100-page emergency plan “reads like the script of a disaster movie.”

The plan assumes that a full-blown outbreak of a flu such as swine flu could cause up to 103,000 deaths in Germany alone within eight weeks, with 13 million people visiting doctors and 370,000 being referred to hospitals. Around 30 percent of the population would be infected, the report estimates.   –source–


And this is from whatreallyhappened again:

WHO to raise swine flu alert level to 5

Considering the rapidly increasing number of confirmed swine flu cases, WHO officials have decided to raise the pandemic alert level to phase 5.

Webmaster’s Commentary:

This is either a manufactured scare to sell vaccines, distract from the torture scandal, or bring about a world government, or there is something they are not telling us about the numbers of victims.

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April 28, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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6 Reasons for Israel to be angry with Obama

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We know we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, all we see are press conferences, spokesmen and photo ops.



April 28, 2009

Talks on Iranian corridor for US troops, supplies to Afghanistan on fast track

Barack Obama’s plans […] formally asking Tehran to permit the passage to Afghanistan of fresh US troops, weapons and supplies across Iranian territory.


April 28, 2009

Washington to cut Iran in on Nabucco pipeline

Washington is ceding Tehran the chance to feed its natural gas into the 3,000 kilometer-long Nabucco pipeline project (from the Caspian to the EU via Turkey).


April 26, 2009

NATO member Turkey and Syria hold first joint military exercise

Washington’s approval underscores its new policy of boosting the strength of the Syrian army as a partner in a strong three-way military coalition with Turkey and Lebanon


April 22, 2009

Israel shocked by Obama’s approval of large Turkish arms sale to Lebanon

Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope


April 18, 2009

Obama’s charm offensive for radical rulers abandons Israel to Iranian threat

Barack Obama has set his sights and heart on friendship with the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their…


April 4, 2009

US Awards Iran Role as Military Partner, Sells Israel Short

Israel’s chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, then visiting Washington, was denied interviews with US defense secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the US chiefs of staff Adm. Mike Mullen.

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April 28, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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Swine Flu smells like another 9/11 and this is the mild version

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There are no reported cases of this Swine Flu in Pigs!

Having compiled this post – the feeling is, Swine Flu is just another 9/11, Like 9/11 this occurred soon after a new presidency, it explains Biden’s prophetic words (That Obama would be faced with an emergency soon enough), and usurps any ideas of breaking free from the ‘war without end’ scenario.

“Go to war with Iran – or else ….”

And as others have been saying this is likely a beta test, that a further introduction of another virus (See end of this post) could compound to become more lethal … When faced with such a threat what happens – people likely cave in –

And the Swine Flu scare is a means of taking away ALL our liberties, the right to meet in public, the right to publish on the internet – see the last video on this post (Which I think is very telling) — ….


. novosti

Swine flu vaccine may be available in 6 months – Russian expert

28/ 04/ 2009 MOSCOW, April 28 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian expert said on Tuesday a vaccine against swine flu that according to the latest reports has already killed more than 150 people in Mexico could be developed within six months. –source–


And Baxter is now planing to make vaccinations! Who previously sent live viruses in their vaccines and were not subject to a judicial inquiry…

Deerfield based Baxter International is taking the lead in coming up with a potential vaccine to curb the spread of swine flu. Baxter spokesman Chris Bona says the recent outbreak in Mexico has the company working with the World Health Organization to come up with a vaccine. “It’s done toward potentially developing an experimental vaccine. Just to be clear and not overstate expectations and where we’re at, we’ve just requested a sample for lab testing at this point.” –source–


Iranian PressTV have made two posts today airing the suggestion of Conspiracy, both from the Indonesian Health Minister…

. . presstv_logo1

Swine flu tragedy sparks conspiracy talk

In a world only recently relieved of virulent epidemics such as avian flu, SARS and mad cow disease, the emergence of swine flu has sparked new fears and has fueled talk of a conspiracy.


Falling short of elaboration, Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said on Tuesday that the deadly swine flu virus could have been genetically engineered. She had earlier accused Western governments of making and spreading viruses in developing countries to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

Since 2006, Indonesia has refused to share all of its bird flu virus samples with WHO researchers, citing fears that the system is being abused by rich countries to produce profitable vaccines, which impoverished nations have to buy.

The fact that the new virus causing an avian-human-swine flu first occurred in Mexico — where pigs and birds are rarely raised together — has also raised suspicion that the rare combination of more than two different flu viruses could have been genetically-engineered as a form of bio-weaponry. –source–


Indonesia floats idea of man-made swine flu

As swine flu continues to take its toll, claims surface that the deadly four-part flu virus could have been created for “bio-terror attacks.”

Speaking at a conference to reassure the public over hers government’s response to the swine flu threat, Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Tuesday that the controversial virus could have been man-made. …

I’m not sure whether the virus was genetically engineered but it’s a possibility,” Supari said.


Health experts say the virus comes from the same strain of virus that causes seasonal outbreaks in humans. They point out that this newly-detected version, which is highly contagious and fast-mutating, also contains genetic material from the types of influenza that afflict swine and birds. –source–


A clever article from a NewScientist blog. The virus was man made but through negligence NOT conspiracy – (But there no reports of this Swine Flu in Pigs) – anyway here is a counter argument to the conspiracy theories … newscientistwhite116

Is swine flu a bioterrorist virus?

Michael Le Page, biology features editor

Already, the conspiracy theorists are claiming the swine flu virus spreading around the world was genetically engineered by bioterrorists. The truth is more prosaic: the virus is far more likely to be a product of our lust for bacon than of a hatred for humanity.


It is not yet clear exactly when and how Mexican swine flu strain evolved, but it could certainly have happened without the help of genetic engineers. Despite this, the swine flu could still be regarded as man-made.

There are now over 6 billion people on the planet, and each year we raise more than a billion pigs and perhaps as many as 70 billion chickens. The result is a paradise for influenza viruses.

As New Scientist‘s flu correspondent Debora MacKenzie has reported over the years, the problem is not just the sheer number of potential hosts. The conditions in which animals are kept can favour the evolution of new and deadlier strains.

For instance, in the wild nasty flu strains that make animals too ill to walk or fly are unlikely to spread far. On crowded factory farms, they can spread like wildfire, helped by the global trade in animals and animal products.

The interaction of farm workers with animals, especially on small-holdings where pigs, ducks, chickens and children all happily intermingle, also provides plenty of opportunities for viruses to jump species.


A wordpress blogger says; get some perspective (BTW there are now 50 people (as of this writing)) infected in the US – but only one hospitalised):

According to the CDC nearly 36,000 people die each year from influenza related complications. As of today, 40 people have gotten sick from the Swine Flu in the U.S. 40 People!!! All this for 40 people getting sick? –source–


FoxTV has long been known as a mouthpiece for NeoCon views. So cancelling an Obama press conference signifying his first one hundred days , is a bold statement.

Me thinks it is part of a NeoCon revolt, as is the Swine Flu against his administrations appeasement to Iran, Syria, Hizbollah etc.

Wasn’t the part of the Pentagon that was hit on a 9/11 a specialist area? (Middle East I think). And also soon after Bush took power, and ofcourse the day after an announcement of trillions of dollars gone missing, which got buried in the 9/11 news. The point being a message was being delivered regarding the area of the Pentagon that was being hit.

So I was more than a little surprised to read that Fox had decided not to cover President Obama’s press conference scheduled for 8:00 pm tomorrow night. Instead of President Obama center stage marking 100 days in office answering the questions that are on everyone’s minds, Fox will be airing Lie to Me. I guess that’s the name of some new show nobody’s ever heard of and nobody’s ever going to watch. –source–


Here are Google results for the combination of European and Asian Avin Flu, which is pretty odd in iself. . Wayne Madsen (An investigative journalist)

Wayne Madsen says, ‘Swine Flu not naturally occuring’



Swine Flu – What is really going on? – ACriticalState

From the youtube site:

Is swine flu a new and different kind of false flag attack? Or is the aim to frighten as many people as possible?

With the rolling news of the mainstream media it’s hard to tell.

Why are we only hearing about containment? Surely the real story is how this hybrid influenza has gone from the lab to the street?

Why were there so many exercises run in March of 2009 to train emergency services for a potential pandemic, was information withheld from the public domain?


This scenario of a further virus being threatened is from europebusiness, it all sounds so far fetched, like the Joker in Batman – Now, after researching I believe it all…

One real danger: This virus can be only the first part of a binary virus based Advanced Biowar attack. A second virus can deliver the second ‘DNA package’ to those exposed to the first, with the intent to recombine both virus in a human host for a totally lethal Advanced Biowar cocktail. One reason that you would use an Advanced Biowar virus that has the characteristics of the Mexican Swine Flu virus – that is very rapid speading due to very small viral amounts required for an infection and the ability to be airborne spread human-to-human – but not too high a kill ratio (10% or so faility rate in early stages) is to ensure a full spread of the primary virus. Secondary virus could be largely unnoticed but rapidly speading virus, until the recombination is made in the human and animal hosts, then the horrific final stage begins its killing mission throughout the human species. — source

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Ron Paul Video on Swine Flu Scare – Must See

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Congressman Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare


To me Ron Paul is a Sage – He is a guide – a little sense amongst mayhem.

And he sees Big Govt. exploiting the issue for their own gain


He puts the whole scare in perspective – and in particular: Vaccinations, Past experiences and the hype.

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April 28, 2009 at 10:11 am

Swine Flu – tidbits

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Some thoughts

It is looking like it will be a Pandemic.

Few authoritative voices rule out the possibility of the virus being man made.

The fact that mostly younger people are getting the flu suggests older people have an immunity due to having been exposed to a similar strain in the past.

Vaccinations are the worst idea, especially now, given the suspiciousness of  the Pharmaceutical companies and their investors.

Keeping the Liver strong is  the best idea!!! Milk Thistle, copper –  find your own way, explore Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for Liver tonics.

Silver colloidal is also highly regarded as an all round anti pathogen.

Full Size Image at end of this Post

Full Size Image at end of this Post

Just put three 9 volt batteries in series and position each terminal wire with pure silver on it at opposite sides of a glass of water – till the water goes murky (15 minutes or so). Or put some Pure silver (A dollar?) and leave it in a glass of water over night. I would not overate the ability of silver or anything natural to combat a man made virus!





Paracetamol or Aspirin can bring down fevers, and a bit of fever is okay, spring water or water from a fresh running stream is very powerful. Hospitals are probably dangerous places to be in, for a variety of reasons, not least they are centers for contagious pathogens.

Alas – no need to panic! And we don’t even know if it is going to be a pandemic.



See end of post for more info - it looks like the Russians are laughing at this ?




.RussiaToday are advertising an interview with a Professor who predicted a flu epidemic in 2004,  Screen capture at the end of this post.






Some snippets from around the web:





breiVirus has bird, pig, human components: watchdog

“The avian strain is of American origin, and of the two swine strains, one is American origin and the other appears to be Asian. The human strain is American.”

He added: “There is no proof that this virus, currently circulating among humans, really is of animal origin. There is no element to support this.”


Vallat said that “no-one, so far” had been able to show how or where the novel strain of virus had brewed.


However, the strain may further mutate as it is transmitted among humans …  –more–

HatTip: EuropeBusiness



Ultra-Orthodox Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman on Monday declared that Israel would call the new potentially deadly disease that has already struck two continents ‘Mexico Flu,’ rather than ‘Swine Flu, as pigs are not kosher. “We will call it Mexico flu. We won’t call it swine flu,” Litzman told a news conference on Monday, assuring the Israeli public that authorities were prepared to handle any cases.

In the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Benjamin L. Hartman argues that this quirky response from an Israeli government minister “makes for great office banter,” but also suggests that Israel’s political system is dysfunctional:

The blame ultimately lies at the feet of Benjamin Netanyahu and the glorious parliamentary democracy that makes Israel increasingly unstable and ungovernable.  –source–



The virus, named H1N1 carries avian, swine and human DNA. The newly-spread virus, though, turns out to be an unknown strain which is warned to render the traditionally-used Tamiflu and Relenza antivirals ineffective as the genetic material it carries usually affects birds and pigs.   –source–

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the 20th century has witnessed three epidemics of Influenza, the worst being the Spanish flu between 1918 and 1919 which killed at least 40 million people.

As the death toll from the current flu has leapt to 149 people in Mexico, World health officials have moved to release millions of antiviral drugs to combat the deadly disease.  –source–


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3 videos on live baxter avian flu in vaccines

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Alex Jones is on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Tuesday March 10 2009, he discusses the recent Baxter birdflu scandal.

This is a repost from March 11th
More pertinent now!

The following I write from memory – excuse if any mistakes…

Live Flu viruses were included in vaccinations and sent to many laboratories around the world.

A Czech lab gave the vaccinations to some ferrets, who then died. Then the Vaccinations were withdrawn worldwide.

Specialists say it is impossible to have a live flu virus included by accident.

Some Polish health workers were also charged with administering live flu – and some people died.

As if a plot failed – but was retried ???

. see the videos here

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