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Conspiracy theories are therapeutic. They are better than a crossword puzzle and they can always be dismissed as the loony fringe. They also satisfy the subconscious knowledge that we are continually being duped.

We can assume most people now accept 9/11 as anything other than what we were told. Many years ago a CNN poll said over a third of Americans doubted the official story. So conspiracy theories do gain ground.

When I saw the TV pictures of 9/11, as it was happening I never doubted a thing I was hearing, only many years later did I even hear about building 7.

The internet has allowed a freer flow of investigation and counter arguments. Even HIV, 7/7, Mumbai and really most headlines can now be viewed suspiciously. And an underlying sense of the truth resides in at least the subconscious of everyone. The disclosures of events with anomalies is becoming commonplace. Ironically the perpetrators of false events don’t stop making them.

Yet if we, the spectators have a bowl of food and our loved ones we can thank God (or whoever) we were not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But a pandemic is different, it has no borders. Everyone can be a victim. Any instigators of bio-warfare would need to be protected – they wouldn’t insure their own demise – and often it is in the cover-up that wrongdoing is revealed. False claims of sickness – or token patsies could be offered as a cover up.

Maybe a pandemic will be the last straw. The final end of an Illuminati that continually undermined the human crying for trust. Everyone would feel a threat and a betrayal. Not just those that lost people in waging foreign wars, or who happened to be in the wrong place.

This is every house. Would the people of the world actually rise up? And to what would we rise up against? Capitalism? Banks? Globalisation? Governments? Clearly there is no focus now upon who is misdirecting us all. Perhaps it will be against Jews? Or the Industrialists?

Sewing confusion has been the way of progress for our elite, and the more they are threatened, the more acts of confusion are required. After a Pandemic, what next? Another ‘disaster’? Or will a revolt preclude it.


Here are a couple of Conspiracy theories uncovered from today:


Over at http://engforum.pravda.ru amid accusations of being trolls.

A poster suggests the chemtrails are a form of immunisation and therefore Americans are not dying.


Picture from: http://skepacabra.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/chemtrail-challenge/

Knowing all the truths is very unlikely. Revealing any could be deadly.

But in our subconscious we all know.

So many nefarious activities would require a lot of people sworn to secrecy, and loyal to something. And also on many occasions an actual operator would not be aware of what his or her actions are.

For arguments sake the pilots could think they are doing weather experiments.

Here is a conspiracy theory on a wordpress blog today …


Is New Zealand’s Biowarfare Industry the Missing Link in Swine Flu Outbreak?


1. Why are so many New Zealanders sickened by swine flu virus, compared with only a few cases in the United States?

2. Did the virus really originate from Mexico?

TEAA wrote:

  • Total number of New Zealanders visiting Mexico City since March 2009: Not very many, possibly a few hundred.
  • Reported number of New Zealanders sickened by Swine flu virus: More than 20 percent of the visitors [FEWW estimate is about 5% of the visitors]
  • Total number of US citizens visiting Mexico City or coming into contact with people traveling from MC since March: Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of citizens [FEWW estimates the number at 1,000,000]
  • Total number of US citizens hit by Swine flu: Less than two dozens

Based on the figures provided by TEAA, the Moderators estimate that the ratio of the rate of New Zealanders with suspected infection to those in the United States is about 250,000 : 1

In other words, New Zealanders have shown to be 250,000 more likely to catch the suspected swine flu virus than the US citizen.

FEWW also estimate that

  • The ratio of the rate of New Zealanders who traveled to Mexico City and are now suspected to have swine flu to the infected people in Mexico is about 275,000 : 1


  • Rate ratio of New Zealanders to the infected people in Mexico City is about 45,000 : 1

All of the data available are of course preliminary and subject to speculation. However, the readers would agree that the numbers are too significant to disregard as statistical anomaly.

Where did the swine flu virus originate from? Mexico, New Zealand or some place else?

FEWW is informed that ESR (a Crown Research Institute wholly owned by the New Zealand Government) is heavily involved in germ warfare experiments. For additional information see: Dr Adu-Bobie, 31, an expert on meningococcal vaccines, contracted meningococcal septicaemia within days of working at New Zealand’s ESR labs.

Is it possible that the new strain of swine flu was developed in New Zealand and flown to Mexico for experiments? –more–

Written by morris

April 27, 2009 at 6:15 pm

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  1. Conspiracy Theories really do gain ground, what about our society causes people to favour and believe in them so much?

    Hayley Watson

    April 28, 2009 at 6:33 pm

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