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Swine flu virus mutation from Avian then Pigs and now humans

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We are all thriving on bad news. Which news station can show the most bad news? Generate the most fear?

And then we look for the conspiracy theories to really get to the truth.

For the times we live in, I would bet on humans and laboratories for a source of the virus.

There has been an amazing trend towards revolting against the order that dictates to us – in the media and in finance.The MSM called liars, the financiers called banksters.

A flu epidemic would be a timely way to distract from the disquiet with authority.

Human to human contagion is verified and the virus seems very unique!

In a Monsanto Biological capitalist warfare world – we might as well say; ‘It had to happen’.

Treat the Liver for precaution and cure!


From the YouTube site:

A pandemic is the efficient and sustained human-to-human transmission of disease over a wide area. To declare a pandemic, the WHO considers three factors:

1) Is the virus new?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control said the current strain of swine flu includes genetic material from four sources: North American swine influenza viruses, North American avian influenza viruses, human influenza virus and swine influenza viruses found in Asia and Europe — a new combination that has not been recognized anywhere in the world before.

2) Does it cause severe disease? The eight ill people in the U.S. have all recovered, with one requiring hospitalization. But the WHO also needs to weigh the deaths and more severe illnesses in Mexico, so far 60 people have died some say 70 but the numbers will change as we get through the weekend.

3) Does it move efficiently between people? There appears to be human-to-human spread in both the U.S. and Mexico over a wide geographic area at this point, but investigators are still checking for direct contact with swine. No reports show that the 8 in the US had any contact with pigs most not even with each other.
Most of the cases have occurred in healthy young adults, he added.

“Because these cases are not happening in the very old or the very young, which is normal with seasonal influenza, this is an unusual event and a cause for heightened concern,” Hartl said in an interview from WHO headquarters in Geneva.

It is also rare to see such high flu activity so late in the season, he said.

“The end of April, especially in a place like Mexico, you would think that we would see quite a steep decline,” said Hartl of the WHO.

This is shaping up to be a migrating virus.


MSNBC video:


There are posts on the subject at this popular site being updated:

There are frequent posts on the subject at this popular site being updated:


Mexican Swine Flu

Something really dangerous is happening in Mexico, Texas, and California. A new recombination swine type flu has been infecting hundreds of people, spreading via human-to-human transmission. Since this flu has aspects of several different flu viruses, including those that infect swine, birds and humans, it is unlikely to be a natural evolution. Somebody has created this! See links below to related stories.   –more–



HatTip 12.1680 MHZ

HatTip 12.1680 MHZ

Google Map address here



I would NOT trust any vaccinations! – maybe only for the very old – but they do not seem to be an ‘at risk’ group.

The following info is also at the NewYorkTimes 24 April 09

alexPrevious Swine Flu Outbreak Originated At Fort Dix

Mass vaccination program was halted after hundreds contracted debilitating nerve disease 

To which whatreallyhappened commented:


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