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What happened to the American dream?

The Jewish dream? The Capitalist dream?

The British system?

It’s all gone, as the British say, ‘up the Swanee’.

Just crime, wars, fear and torture, deviance, all the worst of humanity staring us in the face.

This is not a reflection of Jewish thought, its in the name of Jews, and largely by Jews, but warring on the planet itself and each other could not be a sustainable philosophy. And we all know the ancients were too  clever for self destruction. Now sustenance is reduced to a pyramid of nationalism and loyalty.

Don’t know much about the Jewish religion, but am sure it is a mighty fine thing. Part of it is man’s (or human’s) volition. The ability of an individual to decide and discern right from wrong.

Now take a look around at what has happened. The system might work for the religious. But it ain’t workin here at street level. Maybe they know that, after all a society in confusion is easily mastered.

Reduced to boycotting the racism conference, and disallowing any inquiry into the holocaust, everything but deviance is forbidden. The truth became the enemy.

We are in unravel time, all going to unravel. And so many hates to keep alive, hate the Iranians, and love the Capitalists, all now a nonsense.

Keep up the fear and the spin, time to buy time, nothing else there.

The amount of flak I have to go through in a day, cause a part of the Jewish community is upset with me, my energy has to be sapped, and fear instilled. And this must go on with so many other people too. Kept in isolation. Corrupt any contacts.

And the crux of the worlds problems seem to be the NeoCon refusal to share Israel and Jerusalem. It is a megalomania. And a whole race of Israelis have been conditioned to uphold it. And look at who they have voted in.

As support for Israel wanes, so it must be true for its backers, the population of the western alliance.



The diehard NeoCons must have a Rasputin telling them the people will not revolt. That is what Rasputin told the Tzars.

This is the end of

  • Capitalism,
  • Fiat Money,
  • Banking,
  • Globalisation,
  • Industrialisation,
  • the myth of hereditary values,
  • the nation state,
  • the myth of democracy which never became true apart from where the money was.

The end of top heavy management, where a few control the many.

And the ‘for profit’ food industry which wrecked the environment and our health.

Back to the drawing board …

Looking back to where the problems started would go beyond a 100 years, but they have vastly accelerated since 9/11 with all the wars since then, they have bankrupted the West and only allowed the immoral people to rise. It was a spin that backfired, calculations made in hell.

And no amount of bail outs and interest rate adjustments are going to help at all. Better to reform the philosophy. Model it on something, Ron Paul, Sharia law, Karl Marx etc.

And I am imagining our ruling class of gangsters are reading this …

When you tell some Russians and some Yemenites, and ahistorical Americans that they all derive from an ancient people thousands of years ago, and they need to recreate the past – we have a problem. And then you tell them all and everyone on the planet of the terrible suffering endured over centuries, and make it law, oh dear oh dear …

Written by morris

April 22, 2009 at 12:52 am

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