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Little coincidences at Geneva

Just some little strange anomalies at the Racism conference

1/Ahmadinejad was the first speaker at the conference.

It is as if he is the only one left who can speak for everyone else, wonder who engineered him to be the first? Friends of Zion? To beckon the upheaval?

2/ UN secretary General Ban sat behind him as he spoke

Presumably with knowledge of the controversy about to unfold. Perhaps protocol dictated that he sat behind every speaker?

3/ It was on Holocaust remembrance day – 20 Apr 2009 – presumably that was by design. A statement in itself, for a conference on racism. Last year was May 2nd, a different day every year.

4/ It was the anniversary of Hitler’s birth – 20 April 1889

The following is the beginning of a critique by a veteran critic of Israel:

Gilad Atzmon – Ahmadinejad: “Read My Lips” plus Full Text of Speech

Once again I find myself saluting Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in full support of his words. No one could do better bringing to light European racial discriminatory sentiments.

What we saw yesterday at the UN Anti Racism Forum was crude collective institutional Islamophobic racism in its making, a coordinated show of rabid western chauvinism. A bunch of European diplomats behaving as a herd of sheep, exhibiting complete denial of the notion of freedom of speech and the culture of debate.

Eloquently and profoundly, President Ahmadinejad was stating the full truth and expressing some universally acknowledged facts.
Israel is indeed a racist state!

Israel defines itself as the  ‘Jewish state’.  Though Jews do not form a racial continuum, their national state’s legislation is racially orientated. The Israeli legal system is discriminatory towards those who fail to be Jews. As if this is not enough, the Israeli army proves to be murderous towards the indigenous inhabitants of the land.      –more–

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