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Lieberman Israeli foreign minister first major interview

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Deciphering what Haaretz says Lieberman said to a Russian Newspaper.

The Obama Administration will put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to, …

This has been the understanding for decades between Israel and the US, possibly there is such a groundswell of opposition to Israel that the reality might now be different, but if such a new reality exists it does not reach the ear of Lieberman. Israel in recent years has received many shocks: Lebanon, Georgia and Gaza, all because it was unaware of the reality on the ground, preferring to listen to the advice of its supporters.


“Believe me, America accepts all our decisions,” …

Assuming the Obama administration’s intentions can be nullified. As was Clinton’s and every other Western leaders. Israel has Rahm and Hillary as staunch supporters, that might not be enough.


Lieberman granted his first major interview to Alexander Rosensaft, the Israel correspondent of one of the oldest Russian dailies, not to an Israeli newspaper. …

Haaretz verifying its dislike for Lieberman, by questioning the roots of his  loyalty – I recall people saying Sharansky couldn’t speak proper Hebrew – and he was a Government minister – This is all the consequences of the Zionist philosophy. And Israel was always at the forefront of the US haranging the Soviets to let the Jews go, this went on for decades.


During the interview, Lieberman said Iran is not Israel’s biggest strategic threat; rather, Afghanistan and Pakistan are….

And just as we had to hate the Soviets, then the Iranians, now the Afghanis and Pakistanis. Is this Israeli government, a government of hate? And does that mean all the West has to fall into line? Would the Israel fall apart if there was peace, no one to hate? We have been killing innocents in the thousands in Afghanistan – women and children – funerals and wedding parties – even used vacuum bombs which have a yield similar to a nuclear bomb.


it is unclear to me why the U.S. needs to confront Russia on Kosovo or Ukraine’s entry to NATO; however, Russia needs to understand that close cooperation with Hugo Chavez does not build western confidence. …

Strange that he missed out Georgia, where there actually was a military conflict. Maybe he has inherited an illogical reality born of a faulty philosophy. With so many pressure groups and lobbies vying for their interests the hegemonic ambitions become unteneble. And the hubris to question Russia’s and the US’ foreign policy, and in the Americas, as if Jerusalem should care. As if Israel should decide. A poor Israeli electorate has catapulted this man into master of the world status.


Lieberman called a two-state solution a nice slogan that lacks substance. …

Why doesn’t he just say lets go to war?


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April 22, 2009 at 8:59 am

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