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Harman scandal is a Direct challenge to the Israeli Lobby

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I think the Harman affair is huge, it is about directly challenging the NeoCon direction of the last eight years (at least 8 years), and consequently peace in Israel…

What is cooking with Harman? Mondoweiss and whatreallyhappened are making a meal of it. Which means it is going to get bigger. Just like the Chas Freeman affair did.

Story is something like this:

Harman was telephone tapped saying she would scheme with AIPAC for mutual benefit.

What seems obvious is: this is business as usual in the US Govt., and not only for AIPAC, but AIPAC does happen to have been the biggest fish in the USA.

Only some big power brokers could withstand going public on such an issue. So the target is AIPAC, NeoCons, people who want to war with Iran etc. It is the normal way to weaken an adversary. The details hardly matter, they can confuse the issue. This is the fight for Obama’s ‘change’.

One wonders how much hell can break loose. The message is: be wary of talking to Israeli agents, which is what Harman did.

There is also a little ‘quid per pro’, Harman was being used allegedly to allow for wiretapping of Americans.


Hill Holds Fire on Harman

House Leaders Quiet on Allegations of Wrongdoing

By Tory Newmyer
Roll Call Staff
April 21, 2009, 12 a.m.

harmanHouse leaders in both parties were publicly mum in response to a story that nonetheless lit up Capitol Hill on Monday, alleging that Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) engaged in a quid pro quo with a suspected Israeli agent to advance her stature in Congress.

That story, which said that Harman tried to quash a federal spy case against two officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in return for help lobbying Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the gavel of the House Intelligence Committee, was first reported Sunday by Congressional Quarterly. The piece not only targeted Harman, but carried a stinging charge against a top Republican: that then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stopped a federal probe of Harman’s actions so she could remain a credible ally in the Bush administration’s defense of its warrantless wiretapping program, which was about to be made public by the New York Times.

With damaging allegations against big names in both parties, the story is likely to be a taboo subject on the Hill, Congressional aides and analysts said.

“The whole thing smells, and nobody’s hands are clean,” one aide to a senior Democratic lawmaker said.   –source (from WRH)–

There is a timeline to the story here

and this is the last paragraph of the timeline:

* April 2009: In response to the CQ story, Harman denies contacting DOJ [years ago] on the AIPAC case, but not that the conversation with the “suspected Israeli agent” occurred.

Written by morris

April 21, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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