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Letter from MP George Galloway to the Charity Commission

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George is rapidly becoming a normal mans hero. Refusing him admission to Canada helped do this. While he was in the US he was interviewed on Prime Time Canadian TV and reached a wider audience than he ever could of had he been allowed into Canada.

He has the power to beat the shenanigans of the right.

Letter from Respect MP George Galloway to the Charity Commission

(George Galloway has written a damning letter to the UK Charity Commission about their behaviour over the Viva Palestina convoy, which delivered £1million of aid directly to the people of Gaza, forced Israel and Egypt to open the Rafah crossing, and broke the siege which has resulted in misery for Gaza’s people. The letter speaks for itself – We need to make a stand against these people who are trying to silence critics of Israel, the UK and the US.)

To the Charity Commission,

I have been travelling for many weeks in North Africa and the Middle East, Europe, and North America. I have returned to a London address I seldom visit to find a blizzard of correspondence from you. Your correspondence, when read together, as I have just done, seems to represent a wildly disproportionate and inappropriate reaction to our recent delivery of aid to the suffering Palestinians in Gaza, and must raise the question: Why?

The peremptory letters from you, and by you I mean the Charity Commission, are full of bluster and threat, issuing absurd deadlines to people it does not seem to occur to you are not even receiving your letters, either because they are working abroad (Ms Razuki and Mr Al-Mukhtar), travelling abroad on high profile political business (myself), or you are writing to them at the wrong address.

In my own case, Easter Saturday opened with your, latest, threat to go before a High Court judge in a bid to force me to appear before you. That will not be necessary. I look forward to telling you to your faces what I think of you. Which is this.

I have become increasingly concerned about the abuse of your powers displayed in your brazenly obvious political double standards. About your attempts, under the guise of regulating British charities, to police the democratic efforts of political activists in Britain in a way never envisaged by parliament. About your preparedness to waste large sums of public money in political stunts, either at the behest of others or in the hope that you are properly anticipating their wishes. And above all, in the context of this issue, your almost laughably obvious prejudice against the Palestinian cause and against Britain’s two million-strong Muslim community.   –more at 12.160 MHZ —

Written by morris

April 20, 2009 at 1:20 am

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