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Non Nazi Israelis protest against Nazi Israelis – (my words)

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Are the words in the title inappropriate? And if so, how so? Palestinians are killed, tortured, kidnapped and imprisoned because of who their parents were.

… ynetnews website reported.

The Israeli protestors carried signs that read “Democracy isn’t built on the bodies of demonstrators” and “Mr. Defense Minister [Ehud Barak], how many children did you murder today?”

“We intend to continue protesting both here and in the territories, and to continue to object to the policy of robbing land we plan to continue supporting Palestinian resistance,” Yonatan Pollack, an Israeli activist said.

A Tel Aviv University student Basama Fahoum said that the death of Abu-Rahma is “outrageous because it’s simply inhumane.”

“A person attends a non-violent protest and is met by such disproportional response It makes no sense,” she added


In the West in my experience, it would not be possible to be in a group protesting these actions without also championing gay rights.

How weird is that?

And isn’t the net affect to actually silence and alienate a lot of opposition?

I attended a group called IJAN recently. International Jews Against Zionism. And it soon became necessary to champion Gay rights. I did not go to such a group for that.

Our elite has been acquiescing on restoring normal relations with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, wonder if that will have any bearing on Israel too? The NeoCons will conjure a Monika Lewinsky type scandal, something personal and smutty to derail pressure on Israel.

Or Israel (Barak, Lieberman, Bibi) could instigate a war on Iran. But I really can’t believe they are that stupid. Even if they are stupid enough to approve the killing of Innocents in Israel / Palestine.

Written by morris

April 19, 2009 at 9:48 am

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