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The power of religion, the real everyday power is astounding, no one can challenge it. Many cheat it and get away with all sorts. Religion is for the cohesiveness of society, and that through the family unit.

We are called upon to adore our parents and ancestry. All children adore their parents, listen to them talk, My Daddy this, my Mommy that. It is a natural state.

In the past I have been libertarian and a rationalist. Currently am thinking differently. As a rationalist I discounted reincarnation, now, I have to accept it, if for no other reason than all the learned people I admire have believed in it.

And isn’t the religious obsession with hereditary meaning at odds with reincarnation? In a previous life I could have been a Black Man, an Eskimo or an Arab, let alone the possibility I might have been an animal.

So many people are walking around who claim to descend from Muhammad, or a great Rabbi etc. And then there is the law, where a title is bequeathed in perpetuity. Some can even be bought.

Religion seems to mimic certain natural laws. And any imposed system will create an efficiency of actions.

Which brings us back to Zionism, the need to relive what ancestors did. The Khazars? The Semites? The white Russians?

It is a cerebral sentimentalism which can only reflect on a lack of self worth. Perhaps a natural outgrowth of the division of labour. Today everyone is selling something that someone else made.

After the next war nationalism will have died. The marriage of religion, mercantilism and patriotism will cease.

It was an unnatural marriage reduced to appearance anly. Hence the age of Spin. The reality and the apearance are often very different.

Written by morris

April 18, 2009 at 7:46 am

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