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The truth: hide and seek

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Trying to find the truth behind any story is a game of hide and seek. Those that make decisions do, the spin doctors then insure the limelight is a distraction from the true goals.

We all know this, at least subconsciously. Many an investigative journalist is actually aware of some secrets in the way society is functioning, not that they dare be mentioned. but this is a confidence builder to search for the missing truths in stories.

Then comes the Sheeple tag, that is everyone else! And when a piece of truth circumnavigates its way past our elitist censors, like the G20 protester’s death, then all the MSM joins in.

But nothing ever really changes. The G20 protests were presented as an unruly mob of Anarchists, now the headlines speak of police excesses.

And Waco, 9/11, and many more, and many unfortunates! There is a whole army whose efforts go to concealing the truth. And of course defaming the opposition.

Sexual depravity is the first port of call, it does of course revulse everyone, mission accomplished. Send photographers and young kids and all of society’s unsavoury. These ploys are perpetrated by lawyers and supposed good family men. And they insure isolation.

Their aims are dominance, wars and plunder, often with the backing of the bible. They know the line from ‘Oh Lucky Man’ : “Someone in the human race has to win, if it isn’t you then it has to be me”

War without end? World War this Year? Israel is always the eye of the storm. And there is where the officially sanctioned murders and kidnappings are going on most days. What a provocative lot, the Hubris and self righteousness. Just like Bush heard God.

It’s a bag of criminals.

And hostility is the game.

And war is the only option left for them.

Written by morris

April 17, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Posted in israel, NeoCon

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