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It’s the facts on the ground that count. Every week atrocities continue, abductions and land grabs. Everyone in the Zionist network knows the game. And dominance and hegemony is all that matters.

The ill fated 9/11 aftermath is ignored. Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Georgia and Gaza all missed their goals. Yet we can expect more war. There is no way the Israelis will allow equality with the Palestinians or Muslims to exist.

Buying time is what is hoped for. The Islamic way is obviously threatening yet the reasons are never spoken of. Go on land in Somalia, dismember Pakistan, attack Iran, support Darfur, Bankrupt the West.

Israel overnight has become a pariah state. And the key players in control of the Military Industrial Complex don’t care what anyone thinks or says. Corrupt everyone as the earth is destroyed.

There is underneath it all a myth of a chosen people, and it is a brainwashing, by sewing mayhem in the secular society through illgotten means we perpetuate an army of thugs ready to discount the truth at every corner.

But not so slowly reality is dawning on people everywhere. People are by nature graceful and would welcome peace and cooperation yet this is denied. Sounds like a pressure cooker.

Many Islamic concepts would be a solution. It needn’t have come to that conclusion but the carrying-ons of our elite, bailouts and warfare and the need to hate other races – with no end in sight – has brought the need for a new system.

We’ll have to wait and watch as Israel goes to war again, at this point it is hard to imagine that it could win a war with anyone.

Who could it win a war against? Gaza? Lebanon? Syria? Iran?

And in the meantime, unending punishment and harassment to those that desist from aiding the conquest.

Written by morris

April 17, 2009 at 12:24 am

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